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Unread postby pozzie » 30 March 2022, 21:49

PopTart wrote:Two opposite ends of the extreme poz. Not liking one extreme, might push you to the other, but it doesn't make the other any better.

There is something to be said, for having the strength of character to endure criticism.

Isn't that precisely what everyone denouncing Will Smith is getting at? That he should have been able to handle it better?

I tend to find that one doesn't build fortitude by being coddled. Protected from the harsh things. Instead it is exposure that teaches us strength of character.

I'm not really sure which "two opposite ends of the extreme" you are referring to or if the reference is to an earlier post than the one immediately preceding yours.

No, not everyone denouncing Smith is about strength of character. That's probably my least concern. It's all about the violence and how people can respond to even fairly trivial slights (yes, that anyone should have been able to shrug off in a situation like this) by pulling out a weapon. And this from an industry that constantly traffics in violent responses to perceived infractions.

I also think there's a vast chasm between public mocking and constructive criticism. Maybe Rock's joke will cause Pinkett to think about things and steel herself to not let future comments affect her negatively, but gee, that's almost implying that this is all a good thing, that Rock was doing her a service. That the crowd's (mocking) laughter is okay because it can be used to strengthen her moral fibre. If that's your contention, then no, I don't support it.

I also don't think that teaching children to mock others to give them backbone works either. But I'd support teaching them to accept such mocking more gracefully is a good thing.
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