What games are you playing?

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Re: What games are you playing?

Unread postby Subra » 28 September 2022, 16:21

Severelius wrote:Started playing Octopath Traveller again while I was ill over the weekend.

I really want to like it. I like the combat system, the characters, the visual design, the music. I love so much about it. I just wish I could actually stick with it beyond Chapter 1 of the characters' stories.

Collected 7 out of 8 of the characters, took 12.5 hours to do it... then just got the uncontrollable urge to restart the game to pick a different one of the characters as my party leader. It'd be a problem they could have resolved so easily by making all 4 party spots changeable. But no. You can change 3 out of the 4 out, but whoever you pick first is your party leader for the entire game so I end up torn between two characters I like but who have overlapping path action powers thus meaning it's pointless to have them both in the party at once.

I haven't played it in over a year but I'm pretty sure you reach a point when you can change your party leader. I think once you've finished each character's first chapter.
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Re: What games are you playing?

Unread postby Severelius » 28 September 2022, 22:54

Once again back on my "I want to be good at a fighting game" obsession but mixing it up this time because rather than just being torn between Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 11, I'm also now fucking about with Tekken 7 too.

Shit like this is why I never get good at anything.
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Re: What games are you playing?

Unread postby asianduck888 » 29 September 2022, 17:23

I wish my laptop can run my favorite game. I used to play Dota 2 but my laptop can't handle it. but currently I am making 3D low poly style game. I will post it here when it is finished.
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Re: What games are you playing?

Unread postby PopTart » 3 October 2022, 11:56

Let's see.... hmm. Elden Ring. Not a huge souls fan but Elden Ring has enough lore and a great atmosphere that makes me want to explore it.

Also, Terra Invicta. A strategy title about combating (or aiding) and Alien invasion. Fun so far.
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