Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

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Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

Unread postby Eryx » 7 October 2019, 06:05

We're exploding, you guys. And I'm going to translate every single lyric and context for ya.

First off, this is a couple. One of them is deaf, and the other gets attacked, but his boyfriend doesn't hear it. They break up (in sign language, which is heartbreakingly cute!), but they find each other again at a club. It's a beautiful clip. I like the song on its own merit, but watching the video makes it all the more heartfelt.

Then, there are these guys. Rappers. The lyrics are fucking amazing, and they rhyme so well, if you watch the video you'll enjoy yourself. But they're impactful and they matter, so I'll lay them out to you after the video.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Lyrics
Yoh, ha, if you can't handle it, close the firm
This is the effeminate crew
We arrive with "strike a pose"
Straight from the magazines
But high-end magazines, don't @ me with ti-ti-ti [low-grade teenager gossip magazine]
If you haven't learned with them, this is Queer culture

Come and clap
While I was clapping, I saw you resisting
But from here, I saw that while you cry, I'm singing to rise
If my skin is what bothers you, I invite you to wear it
Hotter than Sahara
I burn the sky and I make the ocean open up
Get the sweets ready, the party isn't over
Alice Guél laid it out by saying God is a transvestite
Chin up, you'll need to swallow this part
But if this has scared you, it's the right time to run
Just another drag of the bitter path I've taken
With so many notes, cry! I'm gonna smile, today
With black lipstick, for a funeral or a burial
Check it out on the news, ask them
So that I don't have to repeat myself
Gray lives followed by a long winter
Very well-experienced, only with maternal love
And in peace with all their internal feelings
I deviate from some believers who tell me I'm going to hell
It's just because a lion a day makes me a warrior
I'm not willing to shut up to please others
For existences that they lock in cages
What we inherit from this is peace, I'm an heir

Underestimated since my first verse
They pretend well, they're like the wolf in the lamb's skin
But I'm attentive, I don't lose my sleep over oppressors
My fungicidal sin, their prejudice: an ant colony
Real rappers don't wish for societies without diversity
Get your good senses back
Rethink your fundamentals, while being true
There will be faggots RAPPING!
And I'm not even a pioneer.

I've already said this, I'm chill, I'm the problem
Like watching these guys think they're rapping because they're rhyming
I'm going to have to use my poison to talk about what I'm seeing
Your ideas are like Nemo, and I haven't found him (where is he, where is he)
Because of homophobia, hate, and intolerance
We resist, day-to-day
So that we can get to the point where respect prevails, along with equality and hope

I already have a path
Now I want to see who's walking with me (for me)
I'm chasing my destiny, those who build their own steps know that they won't fall
Well, there's no dick in this world that will keep me from occupying these places
There's no dude in this scene that will shut me up

You've messed with the wrong sissies
And you're gonna have to listen, now
This is just the first vent we're putting into History
And, for sure, my dad wouldn't be proud
Even still, I'll talk
For me and for all of those I'm representing that can't be here
And they'll judge me, they're always going to judge me
But they were never there to hug me in my crises, so

I keep singing, holstered up
Working hard, hoping to someday be legendary
I don't turn a blind eye for assholes
And even threatened, I'll always be more and more of a faggot
Smashing closets, exterminating normalcy
Revolution! Black faggots loving each other for real
Firing up the rules of this society
You'll talk shit about me, but you'll witness our freedom
We'll watch you hearing about our reality
Taking our covers off our invisibility
The queens, united, for this fight, and look where we ended up
If you want my verses to be a massage, stop bullying what I say

Where I'm from, there's hunger and fear of staying in the same place
Of not fitting into one's own house
They leave to see the world and they don't fit in there
No verse can do justice to every slap, the moments, the weaknesses
So many years of revolt against this dirty game

It's not a sex war, homophobia is calling
It's an attitude that stems from the bros, the brahs, and the fags
Chin down, my Rap calls y'all out
Black faggot rap
Boom, baby, get crazy and take it in

Years have passed
Bad actors have been forgiven
It's an appropriate time, rare and clear
Don't wait for a compliment
It's hip-hop, there's a responsibility with the mike
Rap and flow, with no lyrics, it flops
You can't with us! Take it in and we're alive

We're on the map, and we're not the hunted
I'll face you until the death
Your fucking white people problems
You don't move me
I'm shocked because we're statistical
I want you all to fuck off
If you're not going to kiss me, don't waste my time
Not me!

I'm the one who sings about my life
Our life experience is up to us
I'm the interpreter of my own History, I honor my trajectory
No one gives me my voice, I have it on my own
We're all just one. You're the ones who divided us
Factually, you've never heard a hard "no"
Fucking closeted fans...
I go on, honoring the legacy of being born a faggot
Where I take a step, the ground is rich, there's a lot of blood spilled

I empowered myself, check it out
I will not surrender to the system
They impose this, and that
You know what I do with it? I tuck
I didn't come only to sing, and I'm not going to apologize
I came here to throw it all in your face, all that you do is whine
Handle my flow, handle my crew
It's always with background music, if you can't take it, just hide
I'm a black panther
I don't owe, but I charge, honey
By being fierce, I keep on
Bitch, better have my money!

So, fuck it all up
You want to fuck deliciously, but you hide behind the altar
Don't pretend you don't know what you're doing
If you don't like it, get out! Exit on the left
If you'll stay, get your mouth ready, you're gonna have to swallow it all
You made fun of me at school, now you're clapping
And I'm the one laughing, and when I stop to think about it
All the mocking you made of me just for being different
But nothing shakes me now, that's why I'm shaking my ass
All the while you crumble and watch my power
I'm just watching the bi's, growing and blowing up
Occupying Brazil
Hey, where are you? Are you gone?

Love isn't a disease, it's the cure
It's not just "close," it's a fight
So try and listen to me
Accept, tolerate or freak out!

Then, a drag queen who has more followers than RuPaul herself. Pablo Vittar is a megastar here and her music is catchy as fuck! You might have even heard this. And the videos are pretty great too.

And, finally -- there's a lot more, but I have to check if you guys are actually interested in this -- here's a Native American singing about gay sex (extreeeeeeeemely intellectual and intelligent as well, so I think he deserves a translation just like I did above).

[Reveal] Spoiler: Lyrics
It's always the fear of losing something
Always the fear of it not being you
But now I know, and it hurts
I'm going to wander until you also understand

I've always been the antihero
Always being saved by you
But now that you're gone
I know my best is also gone

Ah! Pain! Ah! Pain!
Don't leave me, I beg of you, stay
Take over me, comfort me, fixate on me

Ah! Pain! Ah! Pain!
You were all that was left of me
What makes me alive without you here?

It's always what it was meant to be
Always, time erasing you
And now it's too late
And the reminiscing makes itself present, it invades me, burns me
I always think about you
I always think, with myself: what about you?

I don't want to forget you
And the wound never closes, it never closes

Ah! Pain! Ah! Pain!
Don't leave me, I beg of you, stay

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Re: Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

Unread postby Capt._Trips » 10 October 2019, 01:51

I can only speak for myself but I think you should post more links if you have it.
Whether there is interest now isn't really important. New members will come along and discover it.

I'd actually love if there was something like a gay themed music thread. Or just gay entertainment in general.
But in the meantime by all means post some representation of the gay culture in Brazil.
Please remember to cast your nominations for the 2019 GFO awards general-discussions/the-gayforum-awards-for-2019-nominations-t11686/ .voting is open to all member's new and old. Good luck everyone. :keke:

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Re: Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

Unread postby Jryski » 29 October 2019, 03:15

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Re: Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

Unread postby Brasileiro » 29 October 2019, 21:03

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Re: Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

Unread postby Eryx » 20 December 2019, 05:07

Here's something. Pop mixed with Brazilian Popular Music, MPB.

And this... This is the best of 2019.


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Re: Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

Unread postby Maxima » 20 December 2019, 09:29

Nice songs. Thank for sharing!!! :heart:
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Re: Brazilian LGBTQIA+ Pop culture!

Unread postby Eryx » 30 December 2019, 06:31

I just found out the guy singing with Anitta in the first video of my last post is a gorgeous bi guy with beautiful music videos. I'll share two of my favorites so that this post doesn't get too long, then I'll try posting something different later. :)

You can look him up if you wish to see more! The second one will be quite a treat for all of you bisexuals out there. hahah he does a bunch of stuff in Brazilian nature, "dates" a bunch of guys in his videos, and his songs are truly poetic. Worth checking out!

Okay... Maybe I will post three...!


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