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Re: 18 Year old + 29 Year Old Man ( "straight" + 2 Kids + Estranged Wi

Unread postby erti » 24 June 2019, 14:04

Sorry, that was hard to read because of the wall text... Try separating in paragraphs...

I too deal with mental illness. I too had not had the happiest of childhood. I thought I was in love with a guy I started dating at 18 years old. However he was only exactly a couple months older than I was. Since you're an adult there's nothing wrong dating someone 11 years older than you... just the two of you are at two different points of your life... if you're still in school you are either just graduated high school or about ready to within the year or so. He has already started a family with kids and a wife. What troubles me about your situation is whether or not he's still with his wife? I'm a bit confused... are you two actually together? I mean he's straight and probably cares for you but isn't wanting a romantic relationship with you. I'm sure you two can be friends but it sounds like he chose to "save" his marriage and stay with his kids and estrange wife.

I have many crushes but cannot pursue a relationship either because they live far away or isn't into be that way. I find myself slowly backing away from the crushes because it'll only hurt seeing someone they like better than me. I don't stop being their friends but I got to realize it may never really happen no matter how happy they make me. I say you're setting yourself up for heart break because he chose to stay in a relationship with this women who they share kids with.
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Re: 18 Year old + 29 Year Old Man ( "straight" + 2 Kids + Estranged Wi

Unread postby Eryx » 24 June 2019, 14:44

That's quite an interesting story, I'm glad you're doing better. One thing I'd like to point out is that this guy isn't straight, and never was. He's clearly bisexual since he's able to enjoy your company physically and emotionally, while also being able to feel that way towards women.

Also, I think you should try to become stronger in other areas of your life -- such as personal interests, work, self-care, money reserves -- because you can never be too sure you're going to be with someone forever, and it seems from your story as though you're emotionally dependent on him, which is concerning, considering he's in another relationship and won't let others know about you two together.

Good luck with everything!

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