6 months down the line, he hasn’t told anyone

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6 months down the line, he hasn’t told anyone

Unread postby scotty19 » 20 March 2021, 09:10

Hey! I met someone on Tinder. We moved to texting/calling shortly after. It’s now been 6 months of texting, FaceTiming, calling etc.

We haven’t met yet due to lockdowns.

Everything is perfect. He is beautiful in every way, and I hope this goes on for a very long time! I’ll probably sound soppy, but I hope for life. We just seem to have a strong connection, we like the same things etc!

The thing which gets me a little down is he hasn’t told any friends. I’ve told a couple of my friends - not everyone, but I want to wait til we’ve had our first date before telling more people!

He told me due to his past, he can’t tell his housemate (his longest and closest friend) anything just yet. As he’s met guys who have been morons in the past. She’s been through a lot with her health and he doesn’t want to stress her out. So he wants to tell her nearer the time of us meeting so then she doesn’t freak out.

It’s just getting to me a bit. We can only call if he’s out the house. He doesn’t text much around her either as he’s worried she’ll ask who he’s texting.

I’ve asked him about this a few times, but he won’t tell her.

I just want to talk to him so much more as he’s just so amazing and lovely to talk with! But this is stopping that.

Is there anything you would do? I suppose it’s just a case of waiting for lockdowns to finally end, meeting him, and both of us telling everyone?

I do believe him, trust him, and get his reasonings. Just sometimes it makes me feel a little bit down. I already feel a huge connection with him. Sometimes something bad may happen at work, and I’ll just want to speak to him but I can’t?

Thank you!
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Re: 6 months down the line, he hasn’t told anyone

Unread postby Raynethemagi » 20 March 2021, 10:09

Awwww....well, I've said this before but, what does your heart tell you? Sounds like this guy is the bees knees. All I can say is hang in there... He honestly sounds like he's worth the wait! Jesus talk about a perfect scenario! I'm telling you though, nothing beats someone who meets you on your level.
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