Advice on what I should do.

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Advice on what I should do.

Unread postby ajakes124 » 13 April 2019, 23:14

This guy and I have been going out for 3 months now. About 1 and a half months ago he told me he wanted us to continue dating but at that time he didn’t want to label the relationship. It wasn’t a break up, just from past experience he didn’t want to rush things. I didn’t want to push him too, I was kind of confused cause I do think you need some sort of definition of what you are in a relationship. So we talked about it and agreed to be exclusive. I understand people needing more time to understand their feelings.

He’s met my friends, I’ve met his friends and we started talking about him meeting my family. I have felt these last couple of weeks we have been spending more time together and it doesn’t really feel like dating to get to know someone anymore, it’s more at that comfort level of just wanting to spend time together. Like a real relationship. He’s so much more affectionate now and open about a lot of things.

I just wanna know how I should ask about labelling our relationship again. I don’t want to push him if he still isn’t ready but at some point I do need to know and he has to realise if what we are doing is what he wants. Especially if he brought up meeting my family. That’s kind of a big step and I’ve never introduced a guy to my family before. I want him to meet my family but I do think we have to talk about stuff before that happens
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Re: Advice on what I should do.

Unread postby Eos » 14 April 2019, 12:11

Oh my god I'm so interested in your story.
First things first, I won't be able to give you any advice as I have no experience at all.
However, I am with a guy (well we are not in a relationship yet, I don't know where I stand, I am starting to have a lot of positive feelings about him) but he want to go slowly for the same reasons of your partner.

Would you mind to tell your story on how it went ? The different steps ?
In 6 days it will have been 1 month since we first talked. I opened to him last week (with something very personal) and so did he after that. But I kinda lack of confidence, so I struggle when I want to cuddle him, tough it is getting better.

I'd love to know your story if you don't mind, so I can understand mine better.

I will give you one advice, in my opinion you shouldn't hold anything from him if you like him, so just ask him how he feel right now about you. It's not like there is any risk. The worse that can happen is him to say that he is not ready.
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