Both have a boyfriend but we get along with each other

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Both have a boyfriend but we get along with each other

Unread postby Merk91 » 15 August 2022, 10:52

Good morning everyone,

I have decided to voice my thoughts on this forum because I would like to have an outside point of view on what is happening to me. Thanks in advance to everyone who would like to respond and share their experiences.

So, I live in London and about 8 months ago I started a new job. I have a boyfriend, we are both Italian, and we live together. We get on very well. The only sore point is sex. It works very little and rarely happens. Now, the problem is that at work there is this guy who is also my manager. In the beginning, everything was normal, even though I felt something strange in our relationship compared to the one I had with the others; the one with him always seemed a bit 'strained', it was as if neither of us let go completely. At some point we started poking each other, making jokes, you know, the usual work flirtation, although it's not like we were completely free. One day we decide with all the colleagues to go for a drink after work. We go out, we go to this pub and one beer leads to another... the fact is that we were all quite drunk (the British, of course!). At some point I go to the bathroom and after a few minutes this guy is there with me. As we wash our hands, he turns around, we look at each other, and start kissing. The passion was very strong. After this, we came back up and were sitting very close. We played with our hands under the table. From the next day, it was all very strange and awkward. We hardly spoke to each other and we never, and I mean never, broached the subject. Only recently (about two months later), we started chatting again and having a 'normal' relationship. In fact, it's happening again... nothing actually happened, but I can notice some attitudes that make me wonder. For example, sometimes he comes near my desk and sits next to me and seeks physical contact, playing. Or other things that are hard to explain but when they happen you notice them.... I'm definitely idealising this person (also adding the lack of sex in my relationship with my boyfriend), I understand why I can idealise and attach myself to another person. However, it must also be said that I feel a harmony between us that is very strong, an understanding that I like. I believe in the value of feelings and I would like to have at least a friendship (of course, I know that in my unconscious I hope for more...). It seems a shame to abandon such a beautiful understanding just because we met at the wrong time in life....

I tried to explain myself as best I could without letting emotions interfere too much. Any advice or similar experience?
Thank you all and have a great day!
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Re: Both have a boyfriend but we get along with each other

Unread postby james977 » 16 August 2022, 07:50

listen to your hearts sex is not only things you need in a relationship if sex is the pioneer of your relationships then both of them can leave you anytime when they will get a chance of sex else where you need to know there are a lot of attributes a man should and you should notice responsibile,give respect,listening to you,humble,caring and the one of the most important thing is loyalty that you will hardly get
thanks this is my opinions
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Re: Both have a boyfriend but we get along with each other

Unread postby 21-79BB! » 17 August 2022, 17:14

Marco, james977 makes several good points that both you and your live-in partner need to bring to your relationship. That said, you said that sex works very little and rarely happens. Has your sex life together changed over time? Did it start off hot and go downhill later? Obviously, there is indeed the chance that he has found someone else, and is just sticking around to share the rent. But to be fair, maybe not. Is he having erection issues? (Such issues would certainly depressing, causing a man to withdraw from something that was once fulfilling and pleasurable.) If there are no such issues, how is your mutual everyday communication? You like one another enough to live together. You have the opportunity to share true intimacy and affection, and that is the foundation for an intense, fulfilling and lasting sex life together. Discuss what sort of sex techniques you both like, and enjoy learning them together. Gently touch and hold one another. Spend time together nude whenever possible. (Sure makes shower time more fun!) Seek to help one another express the full measure of sensuality and sexuality within both of you.If fellatio is of interest to both of you, enjoy performing extended fellatio on each other for an extra measure of closeness. Enjoy erotic massage. Spend time worshiping each other's big boners. Learn the fine art of navel massage and full-body navelgasm. (NO refractory period! Great both before and after cumming. It can last as long as you want it to.) IF you feel that a future together is possible, have a frank, open and supportive talk with him. You are now in a group of understanding men who will listen to you, and I'm sure many have faced similar situations and can share their experiences with you. Keep us informed about how things go!!
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