Breakup Grief AND Skam

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Breakup Grief AND Skam

Unread postby jisak » 26 October 2020, 09:43

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Re: Breakup Grief AND Skam

Unread postby Eryx » 27 October 2020, 12:13

I remember watching some of that show and found it pretty entertaining, a different take on the whole Skins/Euphoria/Rebelde vibes. Some teenage shows are fantastic for growing up. So maybe it hurt you that you saw it after breaking up, but it might help you heal in the long run.

Honestly, there isn't much anyone can do to help you other than telling you things will get better with time. My first relationship lasted 4 years, similar to yours, started when I was 18 with a guy who was 4 years older than me. It was very toxic and destructive, but we were fine with it as well. I felt as though if I left him, there would be no one else for me and that I couldn't do things on my own.

Well, that was bullshit. Everything improved ten-fold after I left that relationship. I became stronger, more responsible and independent. I learned how to spot the signs of toxicity and manipulation a little better (it's never foolproof though, unfortunately). I learned about some things I liked regardless of who I was with.

My suggestion is: try to remember the things you liked to do on your own and do them. Spend time at the gym just for the hours to pass and so that you're doing something great to your body. Read a bunch of books, meet your friends (if you can, considering Covid), learn how to cook something new.

Spend the time you would have spent being with him by doing things for yourself and improving as a person. That way, when someone else comes around, you'll be at a much better version of yourself than the one you're in now. In fact, that's something we should try to do at any point.

And if you ever feel as though you've made the wrong decision, or that he's the love of your life, or that you'll never find someone like him, remember that if things were fine, you would never have broken up with him in the first place. That's not normal. There was reason for it to happen. Don't ever let yourself forget that.

You won't feel like breaking up with the love of your life when you find him.
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Re: Breakup Grief AND Skam

Unread postby jisak » 28 October 2020, 10:25

Hey thanks @Eryx. I really appreciate that. Means a lot. :)
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Re: Breakup Grief AND Skam

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 29 October 2020, 21:02

Mmmm. Skam.

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