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Unread postby ducati98 » 16 November 2019, 04:24

sorry I am new to this forum and at the moment in a state of confusion and anxiety about a boy. Sorry if this is long post.

Okay, I am bi and out, he is apparently straight and has a gf.

He is my work colleague. We have a 10 year age gap. He is younger.

Everyone says he is gay, few other gay guys have also commented they are getting a gay vibe from him. Work colleagues says his so call gf is just a cover as he is not out yet and trying to keep everyone off his back.

Now the issue is, he started flirting with me heavily, he checks me out fully when we are in private, stares / glances at me too often, also give me this flirtatious look every time I come to work and through out the day as he walk pass.

If we are standing next to each other he would either mimic how I stand, or slide between me and the desk so he is in front of me leaning on me, but not so much just his shoulder.

The other day I tried to distance my self from him yet he chases me around trying to get my attention, then after few tries to approach me he came up to me and ask if I'm angry at him and how come I haven't spoken to him.

He sends mix signals. Now he wants to hang out more outside of work.

He also says he is interested in sports I'm interested in where before he says he isn't.

He always be very playful around me as well.

He also at company event out of many empty seats he grab a seat and bring it next to me.

I mentioned to him few times how I don't like guys who does x, then now I'm noticing he has reduces that particular habit of his.

Many more examples but, would be keen to know what's his game is?

Thank you
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Re: Confused

Unread postby Jzone » 17 November 2019, 20:55

Ummm... he likes you?
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Re: Confused

Unread postby Eryx » 18 November 2019, 07:24

Ask him out for a drink and tell him everyone you've told us, then tell him you're interested in reciprocating if that's what he means...
I would also add that I won't do anything while he's in a relationship because his girlfriend is a human being with feelings, but that's optional depending on your morals.

Good luck!

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