Dating a great guy and keep current sex buddies?

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Dating a great guy and keep current sex buddies?

Unread postby Ocguy » 11 August 2020, 16:37

Hi all:
This might sound weird but I decided to ask your opinion.
I met a great good guy and we have been dating for almost 1.5 months. It’s been great and I am happy and excited with him. We are out of apps and as far as I know he is not dating anyone neither do I. I have a couple of existing sex buddies which I know for a while since I hade been single for 3 years. I am not sure if I should let them go or Keep them while I am single. Not going to lie I’ve had sex with them since I started dating this guy. It’s just a different connection With them , just sex and I am willing to let It go if this guy and I become something more solid than just dates. My guy and I have not had a conversation about boyfriends but we have assured each other “things are going in the right direction”. I have no idea if he has other sex buddies as well. We have agreed and both believe that when in a relationship, monogamy is a must for both and that’s awesome. I’d be willing to let go my sex buddies for sure in the blink of an eye.
Let me know your thoughts.
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Re: Dating a great guy and keep current sex buddies?

Unread postby MichaelWSF » 25 September 2020, 16:15

First, let me write that I'm glad I'm out of the dating game/scene. I've been married for ten years. Second, I think this is a discussion that you should have with this guy you're dating. I've been in a similar situation in the past, so I understand. It can often be difficult to "let go" of sex buddies, especially when the sex and the dick are amazing. Good luck!
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