dating a new guy but the ex still lives with him

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dating a new guy but the ex still lives with him

Unread postby Zurdoknoc » 4 August 2020, 13:54

I started dating this new guy. Good guy from what I know so far. His ex lives at his house and they share quite a bit of things for some reasons. The health insurance is one. The guy I am dating has a health condition and apparently is cheaper to be under his ex health policy and pay him. I understand that. His ex does some work for him..and instead of paying him a salary he takes care of his car payment. They also share the dog, and sometimes I've heard his ex makes his lunches for the week as part of the ex meal prep plan. I feel weird hearing all that. My guy swears he is completely over his ex, which might be true but still makes me feel uncomfortable hearing all this. The ex broke up with him more than a year ago. My guy is financially stable and he has mentioned he just wants to help him and he needs the help, that's why he rents him a room and does what he does. I am afraid to be a rebound for him. I asked if the ex knows we are dating and he said yes. My guy wants to take everything very slow and he is sometimes afraid of moving faster. I like him a lot.
Let me know your thoughts.
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Re: dating a new guy but the ex still lives with him

Unread postby René » 4 August 2020, 14:11

Does sound like he's a good guy. It's nice that he still cares about his ex, though a year is a bit long to still be in this kind of situation I think...

I was gonna ask if you've asked him what his future expectations are in terms of how long he'll stay in these living circumstances, but with these take-things-slowly types you probably don't want to make them feel rushed. Then again, they can be so "go-with-the-flow" that nothing ever changes and someone needs to kind of gently take the initiative and drive action. In the end, only you can really judge the situation and determine what the best next action is.

Rebound seems unlikely if they haven't been romantically involved in more than a year...right?

Good luck! Let us know what happens. :hug:
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Re: dating a new guy but the ex still lives with him

Unread postby Eryx » 4 August 2020, 22:30

I think it's okay, even if it's a little weird.

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