Do you think he likes me?

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Do you think he likes me?

Unread postby atbaqua » 5 June 2020, 22:29

Hi everyone. So, I am talking to one guy from my faculty. It has been 3 months that we are chatting and we usually chat every day. He sometimes texts me when he needs help with assignments, or just texts to talk , we also frequently just talk about our lives, sometimes till late at night. He tells me some of his family problems in which I am giving him advice, and he always tells me that I am more than a friend to him, and he trusts me and feels like I am close to him( which is the same with me). He even once sent me some gay stickers(memes). He doesn't know that I am bisexual. Two times, I told him how some guys are texting me and flirting, in which he always makes fun of me by telling me to not to reject them or asks me if I kissed them. He sends me long voice messages and sometimes sends me morning messages or photos from the places that he visits. He uses various emojis while talking. Once he even told me that he has a lot of gay friends, and he is not homophobic at all. He even told me that he thinks I have some gay semblance(reception). Sometimes I send him hearts, but he doesn't send back hearts. Once he told me he wasn't homosexual and put laughing emojis next to that message, and when I said " God knows what your real sexuality is" he started laughing. He sometimes told me about how he wants to have sex with girls and how some girls text him. Do you think he says it all to check my reaction? And the problem is that he always calls me "bro" which is driving me crazy.I really don't know if he is just friends with me or likes me? Once we had some small argument, and he told me he didn't want to lose me and he was so upset because he thought I would stop talking to him and etc. I really don't understand... please help
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Re: Do you think he likes me?

Unread postby Eryx » 8 June 2020, 14:41

Seems like a friend to me

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