Ex blocked me on insta

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Ex blocked me on insta

Unread postby crazzzy_rusikran » 27 October 2021, 19:43

My first bf of 3 years and I broke up. I have been gut wrenchingly heart broken. We tried maintaining contact for two weeks in order to be friends until I told him that I did not want to talk for a month to move on. I set a date when we could resume talking and maybe get dinner.

I have probably been watching his stories on Instagram too much. A friend of mine took my phone and removed him from find my friends.

This past week I realized that he has blocked me from his watching his Instagram stories. This happened after I told him that i did not want to talk to him for a month and likely after he was removed from find my friends. I don't know when exactly he did it, but I think it took him about a week of us not talking at all to block me from his story.

I just am trying to understand why he did that and if it means that there will never be a chance for us to get back together.

Keep in mind he has a public profile. I never post anything at all.

1. He is posting things he does not want me to see, which I doubt
2. He was frustrated that I kept watching his stories and blocked me to stop thinking about it. I would really really hate if he thinks I am a stalker
3. He realized I removed him on find my friends and this was his response
4. For my own good, to force me to have distance
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