First relationship: Am I overthinking?

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First relationship: Am I overthinking?

Unread postby Stylian98 » 6 June 2021, 23:55

Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I’m a 22 years old gay man and I haven’t had any relationships in the past. In the last couple of months, I met a guy online that we live very close to each other. Sadly, right after I started talking to him, he left for another country - he studies there - and he will be back by the end of June. He is 27 years old and currently studying for his second degree.
Our conversations really helped me understand things about my sexuality and to embrace myself. I’m being cautious and keep saying to myself that our conversations won’t lead to a relationship - he has shown a big interest in moving things to an actual relationship from the very beginning - because we haven’t been on a real-life date.
The problem is, I’m not sure if he talks to me just because he wants to use me in a way… I mean the very first time we talked he asked me if I own a car… He repeatedly told me to buy him stuff and actually to take him for vacations. He even said he wants a “sugar daddy” in order to drop his studies… Of course, every time told me he was joking… but I’m not sure!
“Friends” in the past have treated me in that way, so I pay attention to that stuff…
I don’t know if I am paranoid… but his two past relationships weren’t perfect and I think he only stayed because of the benefits. Both of his exes were older than him, with good jobs and he ignored the fact that there were in a straight marriage because they provide him gifts… Everything I know about his exes is because he told me by mistake.
Am I overthinking? - I’m overthinking everything in my life so that wouldn’t be a surprise! :facepalm2:
Thank you!
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Re: First relationship: Am I overthinking?

Unread postby René » 8 June 2021, 13:45

Uh... he tells you to buy him stuff? Talk about red flags, lol.

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Re: First relationship: Am I overthinking?

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 8 June 2021, 14:06

René wrote:Uh... he tells you to buy him stuff? Talk about red flags, lol.


Right? It should be the other way around. A top must provide for his bottoms.
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Re: First relationship: Am I overthinking?

Unread postby Eryx » 12 June 2021, 14:41

Danger alert
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