Guys with girlfriends/partners seeking guys

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Re: Guys with girlfriends/partners seeking guys

Unread postby GearFetTwinkRomance » 14 December 2019, 14:01

That being said ... as all my experience would be online talks or e-mail and letters based, I found out, there seem to be quite a few bisexuals or "former" straight, often older guys around, of that a fashion. I don't know how they justify their theory of mind before their girlfriends, wives. As far as I can gather, they are often real bisexuals who haven't had much of a chance in life to have any gay part of it all. People who don't care about cheating seem to be quite many, and this cheat roulette game is not restricted to bisexuals.

I think I could become the platonic mate of a guy like this, yet to aid in the destruction of his relationship would be something I don't want to be a part in.
Generally, I'll respect anyone's relationship, so no matter if he were the most cute or fascinating fella, no more that just surf mates, fishing buddies, social acquaintance possible.
If they were seriously working at a break up or something, I might offer to listen and work with them to find solutions on how they can tell their lady friend, wife. yet this is a rather complex matter and they should be asking the guidance of a professional.
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Re: Guys with girlfriends/partners seeking guys

Unread postby smith34 » 3 January 2020, 06:46

you should ask them to share his wife/girlfriend with you. and enjoy a threesome.
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Re: Guys with girlfriends/partners seeking guys

Unread postby secretasianman » 25 February 2020, 17:58

The only time I had sex with a guy who was in a relationship (he was, and still is, married), was with a childhood friend. He's always had a sexless marriage, and I knew he always had a secret crush on me. Since we trusted and loved each other as just friends, we were okay with the situation of just having platonic sex whenever we got together (which wasn't often). None of us wanted STD's, and we're open about who we have sex with (for him, it was just his wife). As for having sex with strangers who have partners, that's a whole different ballgame.
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Re: Guys with girlfriends/partners seeking guys

Unread postby UndercoverLover » 1 March 2020, 09:23

I try to avoid that. My issue is that sometimes it's hard to detach myself emotionally even though it's just sex. (sounds like it contradicts my very long sexual history, but there were more than a few times that I've unintentionally let my feelings get involved.)
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