Had a first date, now what?

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Had a first date, now what?

Unread postby Guy93 » 6 April 2019, 10:33

Last Thursday I had a first date with a guy who I've been talking to for more than two months. We met on Tinder, I am 25 and he's 34.
We've been talking for a lot of weeks and the first date was postponed a couple of times, until last Thursday evening was working out for both.
I went there, we met at his place and had a beer, and afterwards we went out to eat and had a pizza. We had a good time and a laugh.
Afterwards I had to catch the last train to go home, and agreed to send him a text if I made it on time to get the last train on the train station. On my way to the train station he texted to ask if I didn't get lost on the way and stuff. I texted him that I was on the right track and later that I made it to the train, he said "Safe trip back'. I thanked him for tonight and wished him a good night. He responded with: "Was good yeah... night night'

My question is, now what? I really don't know how I feel or what to think about the date. It is almost two days ago now and have confusion to text him or not, what to say and or when. I had a great evening and a laugh, but don't think it can lead to anything romantic. But the fact that we have had contact for weeks makes it feel really awkward to be completely silence now? However, if we would stay in touch on a friendship level I would be totally cool with that.

I just don't know if I should text him and what to say. I am very inexperienced when it comes to dating. What should I do?
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Re: Had a first date, now what?

Unread postby Marmaduke » 7 April 2019, 22:00

I think I’d be minded to just leave things as they are if you’re not feeling a spark of potential and a couple of days have already passed in silence. If you want to pursue a friendship, drop him a text, touch base and be conversational, but you’ll have to pretty quickly steer to the date and how you’d rather just stay friends. You’ll also have to be ready for him to not feel comfortable with that, though to be honest you don’t sound overly invested.
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Re: Had a first date, now what?

Unread postby Guy93 » 8 April 2019, 22:26

Thank you for your reply Marmaduke..

So I decided to text him yesterday evening. I thought heck why not, otherwise I never know...

I asked him about our date, that I'm not really sure what my thoughts are about it and if he would like to see each other again some time to hang out or something. Again, if he wants to be friends I would be really cool with that, I genuinely think he's a very interesting and nice guy with an interesting background. He replied that we could do so... but that he's having pretty busy days (which I know is true, just started a new job) so we need to check that out with time. I said that I understand, it's cool and I am totally fine with that.

So now I am like, is that a polite answer of, Hmm yeah but no thanks.. or he keeps the options open and would indeed wants to stay in touch.
This was my first ever real date/meeting up (idk?), so I have no idea what this could mean.
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