How can I flirt with a hot guy at my school gym?

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How can I flirt with a hot guy at my school gym?

Unread postby Peter » 28 March 2019, 15:11

I have always had a soft spot for very tall and buff men, and I have noticed a man like that at my college gym.
He is probably about 6'7 I think, and very fit, and that combination is a real turn-on to me (especially when I am like one foot shorter and significantly smaller in body size).
However, I am not sure if he is gay himself, and it does feel slightly intimidating that he is so much bigger and stronger (I know that he is much stronger than me since he uses weights that are like 200 lbs heavier in everything...!).
Do you know what I can do in order to give him a hint that I am interested in him?

I have found myself gazing at him every now and then, and I have been thinking about walking up to him and complimenting on how heavy he can lift or something like that.
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