How do you know if someone is gay?

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Re: How do you know if someone is gay?

Unread postby Martian » 23 May 2019, 16:57

Indeed, most of the translators have been hired online. So, they send the file in your e-mail and pay via paypal. I know it because I have some translator friends. the opposite is possible but not preferred.
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Re: How do you know if someone is gay?

Unread postby Eryx » 23 May 2019, 20:55

dicksonllee wrote:Hmm... Interpreter sounds nice... I know malaysia sign language, it's somewhat similar to ASL, and also I know chinese, english, bahasa indonesia, and I'm working on my spanish (learning new language is kinda like my hobby right now). So I guess I can give it a try? :)
You'd definitely get decently paid for teaching Chinese and English in South America. I know a lot of expats here who took that route. All languages other than English have few teachers and the language schools pay foreigners well for teaching them. All you have to do is learn Spanish (or Portuguese if you're feeling like coming to Brazil).

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Re: How do you know if someone is gay?

Unread postby uncut7in » 26 May 2019, 14:47

I would sy you don't. Being gay is all about how you feel about yourself, and what you do in the bedroom, rather than what you appear like. Hwever there may be non-verbal cues which I'm not good at picking up!
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