How to let down a straight friend.

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How to let down a straight friend.

Unread postby KingSlob23 » 20 January 2021, 14:30

Hello, I'm a gay male and have been out for a few years, but am very discreet. I don't tell unless I'm asked or it comes up in a conversation. Anyway, a female coworker has recently been very flirtatious and I think she might have a thing for me. How do I let her down without ruining the friendship or making things awkward? Should I casually let it slip I'm gay, or have a proper conversation with her? Idk how she'll react.
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Re: How to let down a straight friend.

Unread postby PanicP » 20 January 2021, 17:44

In this situation I think it would be best to casually drop in about another man in your life or a male who has been in your life romantically?
Maybe you could say you think a certain male celebrity is?
I think a few hints here and there will go down easier than saying point blank you are gay, unless you feel comfortable having that discussion.
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Re: How to let down a straight friend.

Unread postby Aladdin » 20 January 2021, 19:45

Easy. Just tell her that looking at her face made you gay.
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Re: How to let down a straight friend.

Unread postby Eryx » 20 January 2021, 21:30

I think it's easier to just let it slip at some point. She won't feel unattractive with the rejection then, and will stop trying definitively. If you decide to take another route, she might feel insecure or keep trying. Letting her know you'll never be interested because of how impossible it is just seems like the better option that I'd choose (and have chosen) in your place.
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