I was rejected, but I'm still hoping.

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I was rejected, but I'm still hoping.

Unread postby careless0101 » 12 February 2019, 06:19

I confessed to a guy I like so much, but he rejected me (at least not explicitly). Do you think it is still possible to be liked back by someone who once rejected you, even if it takes time for that to happen? Anecdotes would be appreciated. :)
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Re: I was rejected, but I'm still hoping.

Unread postby Brasileiro » 12 February 2019, 09:40

It usually happens when you have given up hope and there is an explanation to that to.
Most people do not like a needy person and sometimes when we almost begfor love, we look like one.
When you just go about your life, you are usually far more interesting and attractive than when you focus on one person and do anything to get attention.

The up side is, when you are just true to yourself it does not really matter anymore if there is a lover in your life and if you welcome one in your life, he sees the real you and the chance to have a stable realtionship is better than when you have been doing all kinds of things to attract him that you normally do not do.

Love has a tendency to just happen when you least expect it.

But to get back to the guy who rejected you: People grow, change visions and that might mean they change their mind about you, good or bad, but it might take years. do not waste those years waiting for him to change his mind, while you can have a wonderful time with someone else... Even if it is just for the time being.
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Re: I was rejected, but I'm still hoping.

Unread postby rogonandi » 12 February 2019, 14:30

I’ve had a few.

After confessing my crush to them and getting accordingly rejected, I can move on and get over it. It’s ultimately more healthy than hanging onto any false hopes.
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Re: I was rejected, but I'm still hoping.

Unread postby Eryx » 12 February 2019, 14:47

Yeah, I'm with rogonandi on this one. It's way more work to wait for someone who rejected you to like you than to just find someone else. Plus there's no guarantee that it will ever happen. And even more, if they do find themselves attracted to you at some point, they might feel superior because they had the upper hand since the get-go, which could lead to abusive patterns of behavior.

Finding another person just seems easier, better and safer.

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Re: I was rejected, but I'm still hoping.

Unread postby BobM » 17 March 2019, 17:23

Thank you guys for these posts!. Emotionally helpful!!
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