Is he getting tired of me?

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Is he getting tired of me?

Unread postby Badlands17 » 30 December 2021, 18:15

Hello everyone how are you doing? I'm sorry to bother you all with silly relationship problems but I have been really conflicted about some issues that have arose in my relationship during the past week and I would love to receive some feedback about it. Basically I've been dating this guy since mid-november and a couple of weeks ago he left the country for family reasons for basically a week and a half. During this time we still kept in contact basically everyday but after Christmas I noticed a progressive reduction in the amount of messages he sent me and the frequency with which he replied. Now, I understand that holidays are busy and he had to balance both work and personal life so I didn't really make that big of a deal out of it. A couple of days ago he came back and we spent the whole day and night together, everything was great and he was the loveliest but today once again I could feel some sort of distance in the texting realm, do you think it's more of a me-problem reading too much into how he's texting or do you think there are some issues that should be brought up?
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Re: Is he getting tired of me?

Unread postby Marmaduke » 30 December 2021, 19:25

With the texting, was it mostly just you initiating the conversation without actually having anything in particular you wanted to talk about?

Because if it was, it’s probably you. If he’s fine in person and distant via text message, maybe text message just isn’t the communication method that works for your relationship.

Talk to him about it, not us.
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