Is he lying?

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Is he lying?

Unread postby free_cantrell » 1 December 2018, 22:28

If you were talking to someone, both said you care about each other a lot, sharing pics (nudes) and when asked, they tell you that you are the only person that they talk to / send pics too...
Then.. you see they are FB friends with a dude you know shady things about. The person you are talking to "likes" all of their shirtless pics.. so you tell them that if they are in fact sending that person nudes, too that they have been known to have posted other peoples nudes they receive online to various websites and they say "I haven't sent him anything" and then goes and unfriended them rather quickly.. would you think the person really was sending them nudes when they told you no since they were so quick to go unfriend...? Did they get paranoid thinking they may post their pics so he deleted them from his Facebook?
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Re: Is he lying?

Unread postby PopTart » 1 December 2018, 22:39

Hey Cantrell Didn't take then? :P

I would say, that he perhaps, realised he had been caught out and quickly sought to dispose of any evidence. ;)

Ofcourse, being that he is married and is sending pics to another guy already, what makes you think his fidelity is something to be trusted?
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Re: Is he lying?

Unread postby BlackBoi666 » 2 December 2018, 03:15

My guess is: yes.
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Re: Is he lying?

Unread postby Szymonnikt » 2 December 2018, 13:52

You should probably confront them about it. A Tip: Don't throw accusation just tell them about your feelings. That way they can't argue with your feelings because it's yours and you can bring your points indirectly.
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