Maybe I need a paternal figure?

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Maybe I need a paternal figure?

Unread postby Chiavo » 16 June 2022, 19:49

This is my first topic in this forum so.. hello everyone :)
I'm a 24yo male, gay and closeted.

I just graduated from medical school and I currently work in a research team. I used to be part of that team from my student years but now I'm getting paid so this is the first time that I'm actually a recognised member. The head of the team (let's call him Professor B) is someone that we get along but there are times he treats me not so good. We went to a business trip abroad a little before Xmas. There, we met someone else (let's call him Professor) who is also in a very close research project and he is friends with that professor. I hope it's understandable the way I describe it.

When I saw him (professor A) I really really liked him. He was a fun person. I was bit shy and he tried to make me feel comfortable. We did have chemistry. We would stay abroad with him for 5 days. More or less we were in the conference the three of us. We had lunch together (just me and Professor A) and we got to know each other a little better. I kinda fall for him. I felt his kids (he's married with two sons) were so lucky to have him (I'm adopted so I have a step father). We got along, he even asked me to go for a drink and so we did twice those days.

When we returned we still had a sort of connection. He messages me daily at messenger. We go out, we go to his offiice and talk. It's quite surprising that such a busy person as him has that much time to spare with me and I feel blessed about it. I like the sense of protection he offers. I feel he cares for me and he tries to guide me (professionally). But I'm so confused about my feelings towards him. He sure is a nice guy. He is gentle with me. And I have no one to discuss that because well.. I'm closeted..
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