More than friends?

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More than friends?

Unread postby New2this19 » 16 April 2019, 10:16

Ok so here it is, I have always had the biggest crush on my bestfriend that lived down the street but was always too chicken to try anything and now I'm wondering if it is too late to say anything? I think he might have been trying to send me signs around the time we were 7th or 8th grade. We were both horny allll the time so we would take my parents porn while they were gone and watch it while we both jerked off right next to each other on the couch or bed until we both came or his parents came home, sometimes we waited until they went to sleep or left for the day, they had season football tickets so we would stroke our dicks all day while we were chatting with people on chat rooms who would get so excited when we told them there was 2 of us for obvious reasons lol and they would always try to get us to fool around and I wanted to so bad but I was so nervous that I could never get it out and would just laugh it off bc I wasn't sure if he felt the same and he was really well hung and uncut, I'm around 6 and he made me look smaller when we would compare them. It was the first uncut cock I ever saw and when he showed me his foreskin for the first time I got so hard and started asking him all kinds of questions about it and trying to show him I was interested in his cock without saying it. One time shortly after I started asking him about his cock, we had just jerked off together and he took a shower, we were drinking and had a good buzz. When I was changing in his room he came in and dropped the towel and started humping me like it was a joke but we were both naked and I could feel his dick in between my cheeks, we stayed that way for a few seconds before he mom walked in from the garage and we put our clothes on and acted like nothing happened that night but he would do stuff like drop his dick on my face while I was half asleep and I would act mad and tell him to stop but I loved it the whole time Was he trying to tell me something like he liked me or am I just hoping? We still hang out from time to time and I get that vibe from him when we are drinking usually and I want to tell him that I still have a crush on him.. Should I say anything about how we used to jack off or anything of the stuff we used to do together when our parents were gone? I kinda just want to have a couple drinks and be like you remember when we were drunk that time and you were playing around when you got out of the shower and were dry humping the shit out of me and your mom walked in lol And then tell him I wish she didn't lol and then maybe say something like wanna try that again?
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Re: More than friends?

Unread postby Eryx » 16 April 2019, 12:14

You could try talking about your past experiences to get something out of him, but I think the best way to do this is to just come out and see how he reacts. It saves a lot of steps. You can also use both strategies, saying "Yeah, I started realizing that I might be gay from remembering the stuff we did together when we were younger, how do you feel about that?" Then he can tell you if it was just him dealing with the excess hormones or being interested as well. It's not too late, but you need to expose yourself a little bit in order to get things going.

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Re: More than friends?

Unread postby Yeauxleaux » 16 April 2019, 15:29

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Re: More than friends?

Unread postby jimjammin » 16 April 2019, 16:52

He was (or still is) curious and due to your youth and inexperience, you let that opportunity pass. Which, could be a good thing. A lot of straight guys freak out after acting out on their curiosity, so he could have been one of them, and you might have lost a friend or something worse could have happened.
Now, though, you are both older and much more mature, so this would be the perfect time to revisit those desires. Tell him you are gay, and then see how he responds. If he is cool with it, or better yet, if he says he has always known, them you can say you realized it when you two messed around when you were younger. Get his reaction, then flip the table and turn the conversation to him. Do not call him out, because if he considers himself straight, then he will get defensive. Just carefully take charge of the conversation, and make him suggest that you do things. Play it by ear, but listen closely for the hints from him.
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