My straight friend

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My straight friend

Unread postby Vtrigger19 » 20 August 2019, 10:09

Well guys, I'm new here, so i apologize if I make some mistake.

So, my story is...

I have a long time friend that I always was attracted, but never approached him, due to not be sure about his sexuality and fuck up our friendship.

He's the kind of guy that really gets me hard. Slim/twink body without any kind of hair. He has a very gentle, kind and delicate persona. Which also turns me on.

Recently I got open with him about my sexuality, and he was cool with that, and nothing changed. We even had some jokes about cruising around, but in the end, he always said that he's not gay or bisexual.

One night we hang out, drinked a lot, and we're talking about sharing nudes with someone. He told me that doesn't feel sure to do that. To be shy, and to don't be 100% sure about his cock. I've asked to see his cock, and he just laughed. "Lol stop it".

We went home and started to chat on the webcam on a random chat site, as we're approached by two girls that would do everything if we kissed each other (yh all'ight). So we did that, the girls went off, and we laughed about it.

We slept on the same bed, and on the middle of the night, I've started to massage his chest. He woke up and didn't move. I've started to get on his belly, and when I was almost getting his cock, he just tapped me twice, signaling to stop. I've apologized for that next morning, and seems like we're cool with that.

Since then we didn't talked about it, but he sent me pictures of him to evaluate how pretty he was. If he was hot or not. Stuff like that.

I'm not sure about his sexuality. I don't want to push it, if he doesn't feel comfortable with that. But, based on this story, what you guys can advise me? Should I just get over or try anything else?
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Re: My straight friend

Unread postby rogonandi » 21 August 2019, 03:16

I don’t think a rejection is going to ruin your friendship with him, but you definitely need to stop pressing your luck and move on to someone who will actually be able to give you what you want.
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Re: My straight friend

Unread postby Eryx » 21 August 2019, 18:19

I think you should just be upfront about it, trying to touch him while you're both drunk can ruin the friendship way more than owning up to your feelings.

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Re: My straight friend

Unread postby NvM » 23 August 2019, 14:32

relationships are difficult when partners are on the same page. Do what you want but keep in mind where all this emotion likely will land .
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