My Straight Roommate

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My Straight Roommate

Unread postby punkfence » 1 November 2021, 13:22

So, I've been best friends with a guy and we became roommates. On Saturday night, we got wasted and hooked up.

He's my straight roommate/best friend but he initiated it and I'm lost? We haven't addressed it. I don't know how he feels about it. I feel like an ass because I never go for straight meƱ. I didn't start it but I feel awful because I don't want to be one of those people that thinks they can "turn" people.
I've been on edge all day and I don't want our relationship to change because we were wasted.

Any advice on breaking the tension and keeping my friendship? Or have we ruined it?
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Re: My Straight Roommate

Unread postby Bottomsup469 » 29 April 2022, 17:30

I have been thru this on both sides before I knew I was gay. The experience was meant to happen even if by chance. This will give both of you a better understanding of each other and hopefully will not adversely affect your friendship. Who knos this may happen again and become more intense each time. I know when this happened to me with a great friend it definitely helped me sort out what I was already feeling as a straight young guy. I will always cherish the experience. You are both lucky if he does not bring up this experience just let things lie. It will eventually come up
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Re: My Straight Roommate

Unread postby spankablebob » 30 April 2022, 18:12

Well, I'm my opinion, if he initiated, then he isn't straight. Alcohol, and whatever else you may have been indulging in can certainly lower inhibitions and result in an encounter that may not have happened sober.

In my case, I was straight, but got into bed with a gay friend that had been pursuing me for years. We were stoned and drunk, and i certainly didn't initiate the sex, but I was guilty of mercilessly teasing him since I knew what aroused him. He initiated things, and I just let him do his thing. It did take me a couple of days to come to grips with what happened that night.

Nothing was said at all the morning after about it.

We had another encounter a week later that I initiated. At that point I was all in, and had no reservations or uneasiness the next morning. My friend initiated "the talk" with me after we finished, letting me know I wasn't straight.

Anyway, he did me a favor in that regard. I am forever thankful for what happened because it opened my eyes to how enjoyable gay sex is.
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Re: My Straight Roommate

Unread postby PeterVa4677833 » 17 May 2022, 17:56

In my opinion, that is great. And like you said, it opened your eyes to how enjoyable gay sex is. I hope you, as a person, continue to be so open-minded to this type of scenario going forward into like.
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