No sex with my bf

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No sex with my bf

Unread postby Merk91 » 29 December 2021, 22:39

Hi everyone,

I just registered on the forum because I suddenly felt like sharing something about me and my relationship with someone who maybe might tell me what he thinks and give some advice.

Basically I first met the guy who is now my boyfriend three years ago. We were already friends but never really met in the years before. We found ourselves both living in the same city, we then started catching up.
Long story short, in a couple of months we understood that we liked each other and things began happening.
As we all know, when you start a new relationship everything is always very passionate and so it was. We had a proper sex life that we really enjoyed.
One year went through and everything was good, then, slowly, it started to change and we would have less and less sex.
It now has been, I think, more than one year since we had sex the last time, beside sometimes we had a few soft plays.
Now, I am not super into sex, neither is my boyfriend, that’s why I wasn’t particularly bothered in the first place. But now I feel like missing an important part of our being a couple. I actually miss our body touching on a deeper level.
And obviously I also miss having sex in general, as a basic need.

We are both very stressed because we live in a quite stressful city, we still have to share with other people etc etc
Maybe that is relevant, I don’t know.
Sexually speaking, I like pretty much everything but my boyfriend is really into feet and apparently it is the only thing that turns him on, which is fine but then anything else he’s not interested in and that’s what I’d like to have…

I also thought about trying new experiences with other guys, as a couple but I’m not sure…

So if you, kind reader, have read until now, thank you! I really appreciate it.

If you have anything to say, I’m all ears :)

Thank you everybody!

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Re: No sex with my bf

Unread postby pozzie » 30 December 2021, 21:25

Hi and welcome to the forum!

As a generalist who likes a little bit of everything, it's always more difficult for me to identify with a specialist. This is even truer when talking about something like sex. I can lay no claim to understanding the why behind sexual specialization and something like you describe, but can see how it could easily affect a relationship. But in a way, that seems like a sideshow...

Have you told you bf what you've shared with us? Seems the best place to start.
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