Not sure what to do

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Not sure what to do

Unread postby Anon79 » 28 May 2021, 16:53

Me and my friend have been best friends since high school, we're in our mid 20's now. In the beginning of this year we confessed we had a crush on each other, I was so happy. But 3 months in, he said he no longer loved me and just dropped everything we had. We weren't in a relationship, but we acted as if we were in one.

We still talked everyday after that, but I know he no longer wants anything serious but I've been hoping in the back of my mind that something would happen with us eventually. Recently we got into kind of an argument. Basically I got emotional about some stuff I wanted to communicate with him, but he didn't want to talk about with me.

Basically, he likes to vent to me about his ex (broken up very recently), but whenever I bring up anything involving him and I, he shuts down and doesn't want to talk about it. We both said hurtful things. One of the things he told me was that his ex was more important than I am. I told him that it seems like I'm getting nothing out of this from you.

The day after we hung out, wasn't able to talk it out but we had a fun time. Though he wants me over for the summer, but basically told me to sleep on the floor. I've noticed he's been more blunt and kinda rude recently. I really want his respect back.

Yesterday was the first time we didn't text each other the whole year, but that's because I never texted back. I just feel as though I'm being taken for granted at this point, and we both want different things from each other. I want a relationship or fwb, and he wants a friend. I know I sound shallow for saying that, but with everything that was said and done it's hard to go back to the way we were. I just don't know what to do anymore. Do I just not contact him for a while, or do I do my best to remain positive and still talk to him? Because ngl, I still want to be with him.
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Re: Not sure what to do

Unread postby dragonfire » 1 June 2021, 13:49

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