Parents bottom shaming me

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Re: Parents bottom shaming me

Unread postby John27 » 30 January 2020, 21:41

Off topic...

Some comments here reminded me of one incident I read years ago in a magazine. At some group for people who were about to be grandparents, they went around around the room. Each person introduced him or herself, and said how excited he or she was. Until they reached a crabby woman, who said something like: "Now I know my daughter is having sex with that man!"
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Re: Parents bottom shaming me

Unread postby lightnight » 5 February 2020, 02:57

This was very entertaining to read, thanks!
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Re: Parents bottom shaming me

Unread postby Penislover1977 » 19 February 2020, 15:11

Why could the 2 of you just wait to get it on for crying out loud I'd never visit someone with a S/O and go to town on their furniture, of course in a motel that's what they're for lol. And bottom I dont get I dont get top but to every ill ne their own I like cock but I like to cum so it has to be versitle and mutual.
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Re: Parents bottom shaming me

Unread postby Jryski » 24 February 2020, 14:29

Parents don’t get to tell you what to do during sex. That’s major boundary issues. Also, don’t have sex at your parents house and if they seem to allow it, don’t do it when they can hear you. That’s very inconsiderate. Your sex life should be kept to yourself and theirs should be kept to themselves. Boundaries :awesome:
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Re: Parents bottom shaming me

Unread postby lufia » 20 March 2020, 03:57

Yeah, I have to agree with Eryx. It's one thing for your parents to accept your sexuality, but it's a different thing for your to have sex loudly enough for them to discern what position you are taking in the bed.It's kinda funny, but it is disrespectful. I have posted this on a couple of other threads, but it applies. I am still in the closet. I am somewhat feminine, and I no longer try to hide it around my family anymore. My mom found my vibrator a year, but we have never discussed it. I think she knows I like men at this point, but knowing it and having me actually say it are two different things. This situation is very similar. It was one thing for them to know you are gay, but a totally different thing for them to actually hear it.
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