Question for fellow sub bottoms.

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Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby AshleyTheBottom » 6 May 2021, 22:07

I'm just wondering what you love most about being the submissive one in a relationship. I think many of us have our own reasons why we found ourselves in this position, but I'm wondering if there's any commonalities.

I have only been in 3 gay relationships and each time was with dominant tops. It all kinda happened organically. The first time, I was roommating with an older man around 45 when I was 18 and he forced himself into me, and I quickly learned that I loved it and to just relax and give it up. I asked him later how he could tell that that would work and he just could tell something about me screamed that I wanted to be taken control of. Me and him were together about 8 years and he passed away of pancreatic cancer.

Years later I met a man in a gay bar who approached me and after buying me a handful of drinks that he selected for me, he told me that he could tell that I was a bottom and was looking for a dominant top. We hooked up a bunch of times, but it never went anywhere deeper than that.

Then most recently I was pretend dating a girl and she could tell I wasn't really into it when we were in bed. She asked if I were gay and I admitted to her that I was and that I had been with two men, one serious relationship and the other just a fling. She said the same exact thing and said that I seemed like the type that would mesh well with a dominant type of man. And she said her uncle is exactly the type I would like and he would like me. So she went from being someone I was dating to a wing man for her uncle, lol. She took some photos of me in socks and underwear, sent them to her uncle and told him that I was single, submissive and looking. He immediately told her to set us up and the minute we met, we hit it off. I'm now living with him in his house and we are in a deep relationship. He's very dominant, built, tall and strong and is everything I wanted.

I think for me, I just like the idea of being protected, the feeling of belonging to someone, being bossed around and told what to do, not having the responsibility of being in control and just letting go and serving a man. It's like life for me was destined to be this way because it's the way things worked out every time. I wonder if I'm alone on this, or can anyone else identify with this? If not, what makes you love being a bottom and tell me about how it came to be.
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Re: Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby Petite » 20 May 2021, 13:29

I agree it's the feeling of being giving up control and being protected. Also I've been attracted to bigger guys who are naturally more confident/dominant so being sub bottom for me just happened naturally. Finally for me personally anal orgasm is much more intense than the usual way, perks of being the bottom.
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Re: Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby weedan » 23 May 2021, 23:36

I think im just more attracted to confident/dom guys. The thought and actions of being a guys bottom turns me on sooo much.
“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.”
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Re: Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby DY4real » 1 June 2021, 08:34

For me it started in High School with a older friend of mine. I always had a big round butt. The 1st time he ate my booty i knew i wanted him inside me. I was so horny and relaxed he slide right in me. He was gentle and knew how to get me use to his size. I knew i was a bottom then because i was so hard and i cam before he did.

As i got older i became a natual sub bottom. My 1st boyfriend was black 4years older than me 100% top. He was the 1st man that i fully felt submissive to. I tended to him he is the one that got me to wear man thong regularly he loved me fully smooth for him. And he was the 1st to make me hands free well fucking me. We broke up when we moved to Texas i was only 23 at the time.

The 2nd guy i got serious with was very much a freak he was Puerto Rican was 6years older then me. Had a beautiful big cock and balls. Had a very good job we started off as just fuck buddies but the more we hung out the closer we got. He loved that i wore thongs but he loves my ass after a long day at work or after the gym loved the smell of my ass lol but he moved me in with him after 6months and thats when he really became dominant and a bit controlling. He actually enjoyed sharing me and having 3sums with a friend of his. But after a year of living together we kinda knew it was over we weren't in love.

Now im 30 seeing/dating a 44 year old black man who loves the fact that i am very submissive in the bedroom loves that i worship is cock and balls that i dont run from his huge dick that i absolutely love it. He is the 2nd guy to make me cum hands free. So for me being a bottom is the only satisfying sex i can have and being submissive to my man is natural
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Re: Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby NobodySpecial » 10 June 2021, 15:51

AshleyTheBottom wrote:I'm just wondering what you love most about being the submissive one in a relationship. I think many of us have our own reasons why we found ourselves in this position, but I'm wondering if there's any commonalities.
I think for me, I just like the idea of being protected, the feeling of belonging to someone, ...

Male sexuality is as varied as the sands at a beach. I am not a sub nor bottom. However, even at my age, I have always desired the feeling of being protected and belonging to another man as you have stated. However, for me that is being inside a masculine, muscular, hairy man with a big heart. If I could I which I could get totally inside a male "womb".

When I was first engaged in m2m sex, I was young and naive. The older guys I got it on with lied to me and told me that the top role was only for hung guys. (I'm just average.) There was no thrill for me playing with their cocks. I definitely didn't care for a cock banging my ass nor my mouth. I also didn't crave cum like some guys seemed to. With my religious background, I figured that the "sin" of m2m relationships was to crave bonding with a man spiritually/emotionally, yet only experience misery in the physical parts of sex with them...

Finally, about 3 years into my experiences, a man let me top. For the first time gay sex ROCKED! It wasn't just the out-of-this-world intensity of the physical act of being inside another guy, but also the emotional thrill of a MAN trusting me enough to be inside him. The closest you can get to another man is to be inside him...

For a few years then I was more open to versatility even though I still just got no enjoyment out of cock. With the AIDS crisis, I realized that it was weird to be versatile when I clearly didn't enjoy it at all, and there were sufficient numbers of guys who really dug being on bottom and didn't feel something was missing. So I stopped it, and had no regrets since then.

I don't get to top much now because of ED, but I still find that my orientation was still that of a top. Even at a very young age, I was drawn to hairy men, and loved looking at men - especially their behinds. I wanted so bad to just touch their asses, but didn't dare for fear of being beaten up. (Note, I was never sexually abused as a child, so these were uninfluenced, natural desires.)

When I think of being INSIDE a guy, I see it as becoming one with him. I wish I could breed a man, and create life with him. I wanted him to want me inside him because he loved me, and desired me -- not because he just liked any cock or object up his butt to scratch some itch.

I've been fortunate to have had a partner for 17+ years. We have our ups and downs, but he has been pretty much everything I ever wanted. I also found out that when I have a man's love, my sex drive is much more manageable. I have a high sex drive (even with ED), but when I was without love, I could reach physical orgasm, but not really get satisfied. My age and experience has taught me that even when you finally get great sex what makes it truly satisfying is to have that man's love and devotion too. Damn, the ED, but I wouldn't give up my man even if it would cure my erection problem.

I will say that all the times I was inside him, I felt so much like we were one. He'd tell me so many times that he ass was only for me, and during those times my heart would ache so much to feel so very privileged to have him as my better half. Having such a bottom partner is the closest thing to experiencing heaven on earth. He truly is my earthly angel.
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Re: Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby Noob345 » 12 November 2021, 04:41

I’m bisexual and for me it first started with trans where I was initially a top then adjusted to their request because it’s hot. With guys it was an older good looking neighbor I had that first began as shared bjs adjusted to the request. The first thing is just liking cock and the cumload reward and the 2nd is getting turned on by their enjoyment.

Since then definitely about taking it like their slut and the bigger the dick, the hotter it gets.

With the handful of guy sex, the dominant role can be arousing. A recent experience, the top rimmed me so amazing, his thick white cock bulging you feel each thrust, completely submit and the pound fucking takes over. It’s a hot play by play.
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Re: Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby Simonsub » 12 November 2021, 08:14

My first experience with another guy followed replying to an ad in an underground newpaper from a black guy; he picked me from whatever replies he got and I went and stayed the weekend at his flat. A west african with a bbc he fucked me several times. I was 19, he 25.

It was ten years before I went with other guys, in India, meanwhile having fun with women. The next ten years was a mix of both sexes but with guys I almost always topped....since I was fucking girls it sort of seemed the 'manly' thing to do!

I then got married but after ten years of marriage began to stray wanting guy sex. It also seemed a lesser sin infidelity-wise.

I was still topping guys with an occasional bottom session, but then I had a wonderful meet with a skilled and experienced top and realised that I had never properly been fucked before. I was blown away by the meet and his performance.....he was a 45 y o rugby player. I was around 55.

From that point I started describing myself as vers bottom, and shortly after....pure bottom.

And apart from the gorgeous and varied physical sensations that can be felt when receiving, there is the phycological and emotional satisfaction and pleasure of feeling your partners pleasure, and the power of his passion, and that he wants you and is using you. An amazing turn on for me as a bottom.

Unlike most of the above posters I have only been in a long-term relationship except with a woman (now ceased although we had 8 years of an open marriage), never a man.

So I have had a huge experience of variety in meeting guys of all nationalities in many different countries the last 15 years, only enhanced by the availability of PrEP and regular three monthly testing the last three years.

I am quite picky I should say and mostly pick reasonably well and love giving myself to a hot horny guy. And I love the fact that guy sex is a great leveller, i.e. I have met and had sessions with guys of all walks of life and all backgrounds and cultures - sex and exploring and pleasuring each other is a wonderful bonding experience.....and for most guys uncomplicated.

Simon :-)
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Re: Question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postby Pey Pey » 14 November 2021, 06:43

I have also only been with 3 men in life and they have all been dominant. The man I am with now and have been since 2017 is also the top and I am the bottom . He is just way more assertive than me and more of a take charge type of person and that is the way I love it.
Pey Pey
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