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Unread postby Trundle » 4 March 2019, 02:22

So recently a good mate told me he was attracted to me sexually and I feel a similar way. Neither of us want a relationship but just want to experiment. How do we do this and remain friends longterm?
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Re: Relationships

Unread postby Shaved-Nudist » 4 March 2019, 15:17

Welcome aboard!
I would suggest that the two of you talk about your likes and dislikes. Then talk about what each of you want to do first.
I hope that it works for the both of you.

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Re: Relationships

Unread postby Brasileiro » 4 March 2019, 15:40

We have a relationships, sex and sexuality section which is a better place for your question, but here goes.
There are no guarantees that your friendship will not suffer but it can also make it stronger since you share this secret.
Another possiblity is that you end up having a relationship anyway, and jealousy might come round the corner at some point if one of you starts to date.
But in the end, having a friend with benefits is not a new concept and quite common.

I have had sex with all my male friends straight and gay alike. Just because I seem to produce this sexual tension, so I know what it is like. Non of the friendships suffered from it, however I did lose them over partners they chose to be with (and likewise, now that I am in a serious relationship, I do not have sex with friends anymore, unless my boyfriend is also involved).
This would also happen if we had not had sex, I suppose. The thing is, sometimes life just seems to take over in such a way that it is hard to stay in touch and make time for eachother, especially when there is a distance to travel of a family to regard.

Just get it over with, experiment with sex and decide afterwards if it is worth exploring a bit more. If you are smart, set a date to do something together for the next day (or even later that same day) with more friends present if possible.
This way you make sure you will not wait very long to see eachother again and get all anxious about it being weird or not, and the friends will make sure there will be conversation , regarless of how you feel, which can help to relax.
I give this advice because usually, the more time between the sex and seeing eachother again, the more time you have to build up a weird feeling about it. If you are the kind of guy that does that.

Ofcourse it is possible that you want sex like three times a day for a week....
There is no way to predict how things will go there is no good or bad, wrong or right. Just let it unfold.
Make sure, however, that you talk about what you feel, think, want, need about and from the other and ask him to do the same. Communication is key. Do not go about guessing, because you might get it totally wrong. Misunderstandings can cause a lot of trouble. Honesty should not be a problem between friends.
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Re: Relationships

Unread postby glendalton » 11 March 2019, 12:21

I prefer to meet with my friends and partners through dating apps. Few weeks ago I was met one cool dude on 10 gay dating apps He live in another city but it is not a big problem for us. Because I want to meet with him next week.
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