She liked me on I wrote back. Next Step?

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She liked me on I wrote back. Next Step?

Unread postby Datingat68 » 25 December 2020, 23:22

Women and Guys, you might have some wise words.

I haven't dated since I was 29 and I am now 68. Definitely more mature, stable, and more fun to be with. SHE liked me on, even given my rather odd, sparse sentences of introduction. ("I wonder what Rocky and Bullwinkle look like now that they are really old")
I'm an INFJ Meyers Briggs type and I have little experience of dating, let along general or mildly flirty conversation with women.

Most of my interactions and conversations with women I don't know (gay or straight) are with 12-steppers who share their deepest feelings, or quagmires, at the drop of a hat. Clearly not gonna be appropriate just getting to know a woman who liked me on Match.

Would appreciate any tips, advice, language cues, and perspectives on how to talk to "normal" women who have a stated desire to be in relationship - just like I do. Even things like topics of conversation. My mind and processing type doesn't easily figure out that kind of thing. Wouldn't know how to flirt if my life depended on it.

She said she would connect with me when Holiday stuff was finished with family. Shall I suggest a Zoom chat when she does? Oh, I am having FEELINGS!

This dating experience is as foreign to me as ice is to a pygmy. I can make that joke because I am only 4 ft. 7 inches tall. And no I'm not a widow. Just somewhat of a loner and poet being called to open up. Never can tell what the Goddess will ask of us!

Thanks, Dating at 68. aka Babs
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