Should I Download Dating Apps Again

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Re: Should I Download Dating Apps Again

Unread postby littlebat » 11 November 2018, 00:06

Eric20,, wrote:
netflix_n_chill wrote:Just meet people for the sake of meeting people, then what's coming will come. Don't think too much about finding a bf, you know what they say love comes when you least expect it. ;)

You are right, met my bf on tinder when i was planning to delete the app. He came along last minute and we are together for 10 months now.

I'll probably meet my bf in Kinder (chocolate eggs)
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Re: Should I Download Dating Apps Again

Unread postby xrayspex78 » 11 November 2018, 00:38

:lol: “meet my bf in Kinder”
That’s hilarious!

But don’t give up littlebat. You won’t be single forever. I bet you’re a handsome man. So go on! Get out there and show those handsome fellas your assets.

Leave the non dating lifestyle to an expert such as myself :)

All the best! It’ll certainly happen for you! I just know it.
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Re: Should I Download Dating Apps Again

Unread postby CrimsonHeart » 13 November 2018, 20:06

There's nothing to lose in trying! I met my ex boyfriend on a dating website and we spent over 5 years together. Nonetheless, please do keep an open mind and don't depend your happiness in finding a boyfriend. As in, don't make it your sole goal in life. The harsh truth is that REAL gay relationships are a bit hard to come by...(even straight nowadays). However yeah, I would use the apps to "get yourself out there" but not to specifically get a boyfriend as if you're on a mission with a deadline. Just have an open mind always ;)
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Re: Should I Download Dating Apps Again

Unread postby Dguy » 27 November 2018, 04:47

I feel like Im done with dating apps. They are all the same. The same guys. The same ugly guys on Grindr are the same ugly guys on Chappy and the same guys on OK cupid and the same guys on this new Taimi app. Literally the same guys. I also cannot find a single guy I am attracted to. Seriously and where are the cute attractive guys you see in the ads? I know I know, its just an ad but seriously the difference from the advertisements to the actual people on the apps can be too extreme. I never come across anyone I find attractive. Im not superficial either. Im looking for inner person as well but I dont see why its too much to ask for to find someone who I think is at least cute but it seems like I just endlessly sift through trolls. And I refuse to believe that I am the one who is ugly. I am not ugly. I know I am no supermodel but I am still a very cute guy with a good track record of good looking significant others to back it up but all I tend to get notifications about are overweight unattractive trolls or even skinny (too skinny) unattractive trolls or too old looking. Sorry if I sound mean, I know I do but I just have to get this all of my chest because I cant really talk about it much.
So IDK I personally think Im over the dating app thing. Its becoming this illusion-conspiracy in making me think I can find my ideal partner with all the qualities Im looking for but the truth is its a lie.
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Re: Should I Download Dating Apps Again

Unread postby Eryx » 28 November 2018, 13:46

The apps have decreased in overall quality around here too, and I think more attractive people are just not using them as much (due to more ugly people using it) and more ugly people are using it, so the attractive ones don't appear as much. It's a snowball effect.

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Re: Should I Download Dating Apps Again

Unread postby BlackBoi666 » 1 December 2018, 06:59

I hate dating apps. they don't work for me. I wish you luck with them though. Give it a shot, if ya want.
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