Talking to others

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Talking to others

Unread postby QatarAirways2 » 7 March 2019, 20:26

Ever since coming out I have encountered a weird phenomenon.....I suddenly have much harder time connecting and talking to other guys....
Even the most normal conversations....something in the back of my mind always thinking weather there is something else behind the conversation or it going to get better or not?

Plus, I think Im getting more naive by the day....just struggling to read social situations that were once crystal clear.

It suddenly became so different and difficult to maintain a normal friendship....with no string attached...why is suddenly meeting someone one on one has become so weird? We are both guy....and perhaps gays what...Im not attracted to every guy I see....

Is it totally wrong to try a move on a guy thats a good friend of your ex/ now friend/ not sure where we stand ......tried it once and didnt go so well....but I have a huge crush on one of his other friends.....
Why things has to be sooooooo complicated...
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