The weekend encounter

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The weekend encounter

Unread postby mxguy01 » 24 June 2019, 20:45

So I was out riding my motorcycle in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. In CA this time of year I can't ride my "red sticker" dirt bikes due to Carb laws but you can ride Federal land. So I went to check out a trail riding spot I heard about. After checking it out I was passing by Sacramento on the way home and thought it's Pride Month so it might be hopping. I was there really early evening and thought the gay life was dismal. Later though lots of people and many hanging outside on a nice summer evening! One thing about the Castro is that it is almost always too cold to hang out outside in the evening. Actually I think the night life in Sac on a summer night awesome enough to want to do it again.

Now onto the guy I met. All started by him shouting out to me as I passed by asking for me to tell him my name. I went back, told him my name and the conversation was successfully started. A younger black guy; I've never been with a black guy before. He brought that subject up. We must have walked around and talked for a couple hours. He told me about his partner, an older guy who "will always be my #1". But he said he was in an open relationship. It was not offered the details as to why he was looking for sex outside that relationship and I did not ask. A combination of not wanting to pry and not wanting to know. He mentioned where he had another much like me (old white guy) who they had a relationship until that guy started trying to displace #1.

The topic of sexual roles came up. Explained that I mainly bottom, mostly run into tops, feel like I have to really be into a guy to flip for him, etc. He stated he is vers. He also asked and permission was granted to check out my package with a feel. He then said that's all wrong and he figured I just needed the right guy, meaning him. Turns out he was right. Several times while changing positions and getting re-organized (takes time in the cramped space of Kia Soul), Mr Stiffy wasn't so stiff. Each time we/he fixed that quite readily and we/I kept going. So much that I finally declared that I was exhausted. Again it rose and I was like damn this is like when I JO it just keeps coming back for more... So one more time and I really was done - It was a hot summer night and even with the car air conditioner going we both were drench in sweat by the time we were finished. I could go on but I'm not trying to make this some soft port write-up as much to explain we hit it off really well both sexually and able to connect socially (communicate with each other).

While the relationship part sounds doable (me not wanting anything serious or with strings for now), not so sure I can be a "2nd". Being Poly it's more about equal without judgments. Plus the real reason is the distance is about 2 hours drive one way. I'm guessing it would be for me to do all the traveling but perhaps I should see if half-way would not be workable. IDK. I'll reply to him in a text tonight just to keep it as a possibility. I'll also be open about my thought process and what's going on. Honestly and open is always the best route for me. I also don't want to turn it down if it might be workable.

Again he brought asking what it was like with a black guy. I mentioned I never touch a black guy's hair. His was cut really short, a little less than 1/2 inch deep. It was amazingly soft. He prior mentioned he thought he had big lips. I didn't think that before or after he mentioned it. Yeah the were not 'skinny' lips but pretty close to norm so just something he's self-conscience about I guess. What I told him is that I found them amazingly soft and kissing him was awesome. He was really good at making out. I'm so not into gay guys who don't like making out.

Also, seeing how I think Sacramento might be a good livable place for me, I may want to check out Reno, NV. Just on the other side of Lake Tahoe it would offer better access to both Skiing and Motocross. Just need to make sure I can keep a well balance gay life as well if I choose to live someplace else.
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Re: The weekend encounter

Unread postby Catatonic » 4 July 2019, 10:35

I think the key takeaway here is you need a solution better than a cramped Kia.
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