Transexual Escort wants me?

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Transexual Escort wants me?

Unread postby HairyBeast » 10 August 2021, 20:17

This transexual escort wants me according to a guy i talked too. I ended up leaving the club with her but I'm afraid of banging her. She also has a boyfriend according to the guy friend of hers. he said she wants you, she has a boyfriend but likes a little fun.

She also wants me to pay for drinks and pay for sex it seems trying to get money out at the ATM with me. She still tried to have sex with me but i just sucked on her tits. I wasn't really aroused.

I go out just to have a good time fun basically. I saw her out last week but just ignored her on purpose. she came onto the dancefloor where I was and then walked back off talking to a girl and pointing at me. She left later with another guy lol.

She gets approached a lot and the taxi driver wouldn't take her home because he said she got no money. she didn't have much money when i was with her but she brought me both of us food.

I dunno I just don't want stds aids mainly. Plus shes probably expensive as well. had a girl whos a born female who was pretty damn expensive as well and i had to get rid of her. i was going into debt just paying for everything. i like to do it but just not producing enough income to do it right now.

Should I ignore her from now on? shes at the club all the time. other guys talk to me about her and just shake their heads. tell me shes there every week. I don't bother approaching her or anyone really and am making out with tons of people. plus i think i would rather bang born females rather than guys or trans even though im kissing all three. i dont wanna bang married women either but i kind of changed my mind about that the other week with this guy who i brought a drink for and he stole my drink didn't buy me one disappeared and his wife banged this guy who i always talk to at the club. she also came onto me the other week but i dunno if she was looking for a drink cause she said i will buy you a drink but i heard that shit too many times before and we get to the bar and then orders the drinks and expects me to pay. i always do and just walk off on them. i left the club with another girl and she was just calling me a asshole even after i do this shit. i hooked up with a different girl in front of her later and bounced home by myself for a wank after sneaking outta the place.
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