Wait or move on

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Wait or move on

Unread postby Foreversmile » 15 April 2020, 05:59

Ex is in a rebound relationship thinking she would be over me but we both are still madly in love.she said she couldn't leave her new gf because she has cancer. Her gf knows of our history and knows my ex still loves me but wont let her leave.she uses her health as a way to keep her. My ex looks so miserable and others see the same that she isn't the same. But I ask her to come back home but she fearfulness says she just can't as much as she wants to she can't. So idk what to do
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Re: Wait or move on

Unread postby Eos » 15 April 2020, 15:11

In my opinion, if she loves you, and don't love her anymore then she should leave.
Using a sickness to make her do what she wants is wrong.

Leaving someone doesn't mean abandoning someone. If all of you are strong enough, your couple could support her during her time of sickness even tough she is not in love with her. From what I am reading she still have some affection for her.

However you can do absolutely nothing. The call is to your potential love. The only thing you can decide is to move on or not.

So give her the time you want to have an answer or leave.
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Re: Wait or move on

Unread postby RenĂ© » 15 April 2020, 15:22

I'm curious, what was the reason behind you two splitting up in the first place?
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Re: Wait or move on

Unread postby Frigid » 15 April 2020, 16:07

how long she got until she dies?
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Re: Wait or move on

Unread postby Neuro » 16 April 2020, 04:12

You should move on. Don't waste time on your ex who keeps making poor decisions. First, start a rebound relationship; then, stay in a rebound relationship.
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