Was this guy hitting on me?

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Was this guy hitting on me?

Unread postby Bigj0110 » 18 March 2019, 21:28

So I do some Uber work on the side and once in awhile. The other day I picked up a passenger and as soon as he got in the car he started telling me how he went out with his boyfriend and partied until 6 in the morning and all this stuff. Which I mean I don't know him from Adam and he was very open to telling me this. So immediately I thought that maybe he knew I was gay as well. Then he starts telling me how his boyfriend slept over, but he went to go to work before him and now I'm on the way to work. All this stuff that someone that picks them up as an Uber driver doesn't need to know. I know he's just trying to have a conversation and I was polite with him, but still. I ended up dropping him to work and he told me to come visit him at work sometime. Which he works at a casual seems inexpensive or middle priced type of restaurant.

So I'm just curious if the guy was trying to hit on me? It kind of felt like that but he had a boyfriend, so... Also During the ride when he said to me about the partying and stuff I regret not telling him that they sound like to have a good time and that I wish I was there. Because I was also thinking that maybe him and his boyfriend like to have fun with other guys as well. So I just don't know. All the advice would be greatly appreciated. Should I go back to his job like he said?
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Re: Was this guy hitting on me?

Unread postby Capt._Trips » 20 March 2019, 00:37

To me it sounds like he may have still been in party mode and just excited.

You probably know already but in certain parts of the gay community partying isnt the normal party. Lol. So be careful with that.

I wouldn't put much thought into it tbh.
But if he invited you to visit him at work it probably wouldnt hurt to show interest. Just be wary as he does have a boyfriend and make sure to know where they stand if your interested in pursuing anything.
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Re: Was this guy hitting on me?

Unread postby Prince_G_24 » 20 March 2019, 01:41

Doesn't sound so to me. There's people out there that just love to talk regardless of topic, sounds like this guy's just one of em.
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