What have I done? Advice...

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What have I done? Advice...

Unread postby free_cantrell » 27 November 2018, 02:20

Over the course of the last 2 months I have been texting with a guy that I met on FB. We have grown to really care about each other. He says that I mean a lot to him and that I make his heart smile, he feels things he has not felt in a long time. We are both in unhappy relationships. We both have said that we wish things were different so that we could be together but I know there are several states between us. If we were to end our relationships, he would go back home to another state and the same for me. I have feelings of love for him brewing, I am not sure about him. Maybe? He recently posted a "happy anniversary" pic with his Husband. The caption was sweet and thanked him for another year of love, and being a soulmate. I asked about this, because I felt lied to and stupid for falling for it. He said Facebook is not always real life. I get it. The day we started texting, he sent a dick pic I liked it but now I wonder if it was so easy for him to send that to me, and I didnt ask for it.. is he doing this with other guys? I asked about this too and he said he doesn’t, that I am the only guy he talks to. He is consuming my thoughts... I am seriously falling for him. He makes me feel wanted.. His last text to me every night as he goes to bed is "see you in my dreams" He is calling me, in his texts Babe and my sweets now...
Should I walk away? Stop talking to him? I am having an emotional affair and reality says that he and I really never will be together due to distance and the fact that both of us are not in a position, currently to leave our relationships.
What do I do...

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Re: What have I done? Advice...

Unread postby \Tomb Raider/ » 27 November 2018, 17:14


I would suggest leaving the relationship you’re currently in if your unhappy, and also stop talking to the guy on Facebook. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, there is no reason to stay when you could be with someone else that truly makes you happy.

The guy off Facebook is just playing with your emotions. No one in their right mind will say happy anniversary to their spouse if they are truly unhappy. I think he’s simply using you for his entertainment and that’s all it will be to him.

I suggest start seeing people that live near you and get a feel for what they truly are. People online can be deceptive and have different intentions than why you’d think.
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