What should I do?

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What should I do?

Unread postby Panka » 20 May 2020, 07:00

Hello everyone I would like to share my story with you and eventually maybe get some answers.
I'm 23 years old I never had any kind of relationship before I'm inexperienced.Ive met someone online that I like and he likes me.Im from Greece and he is from the USA but by the time we've met he was in Greece travelling but I couldn't meet him cuz I was really busy at work.We were texting a lot he was the one texting constantly cuz I was kinda busy and I wasn't so interested tbh in the beginning.Then I realized he was so committed to meet me again he said maybe another time.I kinda liked what we had everyday texting he was into me I was into him.We were keep texting intensively later on we said I love you and we meant it but we never said anything about relationship I never asked about it cuz it sounds kinda corny asking "are we in a relationship rn or what?" Anyway we came both to a point that we had to calm down we said we are good friends but we never committed then I was starting to be kinda needy I took a step back but I kinda pushed him away.We said we are friends there is nothing there for us but the truth is I don't wanna be friends with him..I mean I still have feelings for him but at the same time he isn't acting friendly..he sents me photos of him giving kisses or pretend to hug me..and I'm confused I have mixed feelings and I don't know what to do..I get angry sometimes mostly cuz I don't understand what he wants...he used to sent me all day long and now he isn't texting me that much.One day he is like baby sending emojis and the other one is like he doesn't wanna talk to me..and I go back to the times thinking when even when he was busy or anywhere he would text me.I know he truly cares about me I just don't know if I have it so wrong in my head.Im overthinking about it.He also told me to visit him and I wanna visit him so much..he made the effort to come in Greece but his flight cancelled due to coronavirus and I told him I'll visit him cuz I wanna travel to the USA anyways.
I would like to know what are your thoughts what should I do or don't..am I being needy again?
Should I give him time?
Should I stop texting with him?
Is he afraid to commit?

PS. Sorry for my English and lately we don't have something naughty or sexting or anything I might do a move and he will just react with an emoji...and he stopped sending me photo of kissing even tho he started it again!
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