What should I do?

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What should I do?

Unread postby freddy.As » 6 September 2021, 05:32

Hi there. Well I've been having some trouble in relationships most of my life, I'm 20 yrs old and I've never had a bf before, nothing even close to that, recently I tried to have sex with some guys I met on grindr but it wasn't what I expected (didn't like it at all) and just quit trying. Also there was this guy who wanted something else than sex, but I wasn't atractted to him and I just told him that I wasn't ready for a relationship, we stopped talking and well here I am. Since school I've been facing trouble with who I fall in love with, idk why I always choose the straight guy, it's like a damn curse :( now that I'm in college it happened again, I falled in love with this damn pretty guy but we just talked once and it was a long time ago, also even tough he seemed interested in a friendship I wasn't sure if he was straight or no, I tried to compliment him many times (also started the conversation) but he seemed not interested on those things I've told him (he is really introvert), sometimes I think I'm really dumb for not being able to move on and look for other options, but I just keep on the same spiral, fantasizing about him and a posible relationship, I mean we talked months ago and I just can't stop thinking about him. So I finally got tired and I'm trying to get some advice, specially because I don't have any gay friends or close people to share how I'm feeling. The final question is, what sould I do?

PD: Sorry if I wrote something wrong, English is not my first language. :rolleyes:
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