When X brings a whole lot of Y up in your head

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When X brings a whole lot of Y up in your head

Unread postby BobM » 17 March 2019, 18:00

Okay..I celebrated my birthday by ahem seeing a youthful $ex machine on the east side. Safe action. Hot!!.
I thought it was fine, but went past the apt. building of a guy I slept with from 1979 to..by the early 80's.
Several months after we'd met I offered to fix something in his apt...his main instrument. To be honest I
did NOT have the experience to handle the job differently..resulting in a slog of nearly a year whence an experienced Pro would have said,
You don't do that! FIX IT IN HIS APARTMENT? DO IT IN A SHOP!!.well..Everything worked on the device well. But
anyway..he moved on sexually and ..socially too..I was not a pal..he didn't even use my nickname when he last saw me, and
said, then Bob..I'll call YOU. Period.
His apt building is closed.."forced renovations" etc.
For 3 weeks after the birthday rent$ex session I was in a knot..Is my 80's..CRUSH..ok? (I once as much told him I
loved him. He grinned in a way that said, Be Serious! We're FUCKING not married)
I have decided to move on and seek companionship of some sort, new friends, etc. In the time I have left of my
working life.

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