Who are you out to?

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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby bent4life » 9 June 2019, 03:40

Almost everyone. All the gay directors and producers I've worked with didn't even bother to ask. They knew that there could always be private meetings with me (or the Master Electrician). :)

I just can't tell my extremely homophobic father.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby Iamjava » 9 June 2019, 04:33

you can ease into it. that coming from the guy that is so bluntly honest he told his mom outright hes dating a man..

just make small inuendos or suggestions and get a feel. if that doesnt work, tell them that shes fugly. :)

edit: bent4guy, my dad was hugely homophobic. he had a hard time when i came out. ironicly, hes more open to it now than my mom who gets along with everyone.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby mxguy01 » 16 June 2019, 21:40

There's a new guy riding with me and my moto friend that knows I'm gay. We seem to becoming friends. While at the track today, following up from some texts about being busy with something else yesterday, he asked me if I got any pussy. I thought maybe he had picked up that I'm gay but that made it apparent that was not the case. So I corrected that misimpression. His response: "wow, your kidding" (as in just surprised but knows for once this is not shit talk from me), "well did you get laid or not?". LoL and then, exactly the same conversations we've been having. Coming out in most cases is just so uneventful sometimes I wish it would be otherwise.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby Oliver Rees 1020 » 2 July 2019, 21:25

Most everone who knows me.If they have a problem then it is there problem not mine.When i told my Dad he said so what are we going to the pub or not.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 2 July 2019, 21:30

I’m out to yer mammy, yer pappy and yer bald-headed granny.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby Pigeon Valley » 2 July 2019, 23:18

I'm out to four people who I knew prior to my identification as gay. One of them is a bisexual friend from university, who says that he kinda guessed about it at the time (not sure if he did, or how he did, but meh), two of them are old friends of mine who I kinda had to come out to after the guy made some playful unwittingly gay advances at me (often occurred before), and a friend from the UK who I knew is also gay.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby Iamjava » 4 July 2019, 01:30

It's that old gaydar thing lol.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby Ammon » 14 July 2019, 18:37

At age 26 I outed to my best friend, and she outed that she was in love with me for 5 years straight so you can imagine the awkward moments we had, we seperated our ways and she outed me to my cousin (who she was together with)

But after 5 years we reconnected again I forgave her. At age 27 I outed myself again to my other best friend (who was the sister of the first friend I mentioned) and she at first didn’t believe me but then hugged me.

After that I felt more comfortable to just be myself, so all the new people I met, I started our friendship with them knowing me being gay.

Told my brother two years ago and our bond just got stronger since then.
I’m Arab so I didn’t expect this in the slightest bit, I always imagined getting beated etc.. Never told my mom but she knows.. Like she nagged my brothers to get married, but she never asked me when I want to get married.. A mother always knows! :lol:
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby Jzone » 15 July 2019, 06:00

Pigeon Valley wrote:...the guy made some playful unwittingly gay advances at me...

I think that's a story we need to hear! I understand playful, gay, and advances, but "unwittingly"?! Details, please
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