Who are you out to?

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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby leaveofgrass » 14 December 2019, 15:09

Well, let's see. First person to know was my best friend; then another very close one (who scared me like crap just by saying :"I think you DID fall in love with that guy, and it's awsome"). Then it was my former flatmate's turn, who almost choked himself with the beer he was drinking when I told him (sorry for that, man :) ). Than another friend (along with his brother and his mother, who where taking dinner with us). And finally, of course, HIS family. Gosh, I've always said that I need my time, but it's already quite a bunch of people.
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Re: Who are you out to?

Unread postby John27 » Yesterday, 22:03

I'm out to relatively few people. There some people whom I don't want to come out to for various practical reasons, and, unfortunately, they are connected to others in my life. It's easier for me keeping most people on the same page. Plus I'm not sure I feel hugely compelled to come out to everyone. "Out" for me--at least as I envision it now--is just not caring if anyone finds out...

At the same time, however, I suspect a lot of people either suspect I'm gay or wouldn't be surprised if I came out.
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