Gretzky "no homo" kiss

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Gretzky "no homo" kiss

Unread postby Geckox » 14 April 2019, 07:50

I needed to share this with someone because it's a big wow moment for me!

As a kid, my dad put me into hockey for about 7 years or so. Wayne Gretzky was the big idol back then, and is still considered one of the greats.

When I was 14 years old, I watched his final game with my father. When the game was over and the crowd was going wild, Jaromir Jagr - another one of "the greats" who was friends with Gretzky and they used to play on the same team together - skated over to Gretzky and they had a very quick kiss on the ice. It was so fast that nobody acknowledged it happened. The announcers just went on talking about something else. It wasn't just a brotherly kiss, it was something else. Very intimate.

This was the year that I came out as gay, just months earlier. My dad was not cool with it, but we were still on good terms with each other. We both watched this game together and at the moment they kissed on ice, my dad and I said nothing. BUT I SAW IT! I WASN'T CRAZY! The moment was really important to me because my father put me into hockey in an attempt to make me straight, since my older sister and relatives had told him that I was probably gay from an early age. (I was a pretty effeminate kid.) He saw hockey as a manly thing (ironic, considering I was surrounded by guys the entire time), and it was also how we bonded as father and son. So to see two of the greatest hockey players who ever lived kissing on ice amazed me.

Years and years went by (I'm now in my 30's). Over the years whenever I met a hockey fan who saw that last game, I ask if they noticed the kiss between Gretzky and Jagr, and people say I must've imagined it. The hetero denial about this moment is strong. You can find one or two forums online of people talking about it, and in those discussions some people claim you can't tell they're really kissing. OH BUT I CAN!

WELL! Now, there is vindication! I found it in a video online.

I'll let you decide for yourself It's at the 0:26 mark:

I'm not going to say this was a gay kiss, but it was certainly an eye opener! Who knows what kind of energy, respect and love is shared by these two great hockey players. They are two of three (the third is Mario Lemieux) most venerated players in NHL history.
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