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Unread postby PopTart » 18 September 2020, 04:26

Magic J wrote:
PopTart wrote:Brighton isn't as bad, but then, the Brighton scene was super toxic last time i was there :cry:

I've only been to Brighton once, when I was like, seven. The only thing I can really remember is that I won a cuddly shark toy at some arcade game, and somebody stole it. Oh, also, I remember a drunk guy being physically thrown out the door of a Woolworths by a security guard. I'm sure it's lovely, but that's my abiding impression of Brighton. :lol:

Why toxic?

:lol: Yeah, that would put you off i would imagine. Who steals a cuddly toy from a child?! :cry:

The gay scene was dominated by overly bitchy cliques. You expect a certain degree of that in any gay scene or in any social grouping, I guess. But amongst Brightons scene, there was a real nasty side to it. I always noticed that there could be alot of hostility between different LGBTQ subgroups. Guys took some extra perverse pleasure at being snide to people, lots of judgements based on superficial grounds, such as appearance, sometimes it was overt but it was often just below the surface.

The level of mockery, spitefulness and plain hate, was quite intense and each time I came away feeling quite grateful that I hadn't grown up in that area, I'd have had such a bad opinion of the gay community if I had.

I should say, that there were good people there, but the proportion was so heavily loaded towards the hateful side that it was distinct and shocking, especially given Brightons reputation as the gay hub of the South.
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