"Black Market" in school or the first lesson of capitalism?

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"Black Market" in school or the first lesson of capitalism?

Unread postby Gay-paul » 12 January 2019, 21:54

In my country, Poland, a ban on junk food and coffee at schools was recently introduced, allegedly to combat the obesity plague among children, although compared to the rest of Europe, not to mention North America (the USA and Canada), we are doing very well

But it turned out that it did not help because the resourceful students began to supply in local supermarkets, Tesco, Kaufland, etc., and sell some of the sweets bought at exorbitant prices :-)

Of course, many are outraged by this fact, but one of our right-wing politicians, Janusz Korwin Mikke, says that he sees nothing wrong with that these are lessons of "practical capitalism" that when there was hyperinflation in Poland just before the fall of communism, in Poland there was an economy centrally planned, he earned a lot, trading rationed goods like meat, milk, and even fuel and alcohol (which he sold only to adults)

And books of forbidden authors like George Orwell and
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

He says that his favourite is American author Milton Friedman :-)

He said that if anybody read Friedman know that if anybody tries reduce supply and not reduce demand, it's only increased price and the only fool would not use that.
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Re: "Black Market" in school or the first lesson of capitalism?

Unread postby Derek » 12 January 2019, 22:00

Did you have a question?
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Re: "Black Market" in school or the first lesson of capitalism?

Unread postby GearFetTwinkRomance » 13 January 2019, 04:43

I wonder, if they ever got the idea to re-introduce more school sports, and maybe even wilderness survival camps combined to the lessons, so the kids learn to rely on one another, and enjoy enough body exercise and walking off the calories.

It's told they include such in Norway and Sveden quite a bit. Don't see too many Obese up there-
I can't remember having seen that in Canada a lot. Dunno about the last 20 years though.

Capitalism ...
Well, it's a bitch and the pimp in one person, and it's a beast that wants to be fed forever and gaining ever more. Regardless of what would be beneficial to people.
Most of mankind is slave to it's needs and wants. And they want to be, like addicts.
Slaves that want ever more and tighter chains, since capitalism made the promise, all the slavery would be true freedom. After all, people choose. :D

It's common to laugh at Marx these days, sadly.
As long as the recent shot doesn't wear off, and the supply is always there at the time they need it, addicts will laugh at these, that do without the drug, too.
In Capitalism, money is the drug. Everyone's an addict, pretty well. :rolleyes:
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Re: "Black Market" in school or the first lesson of capitalism?

Unread postby betonhaus » 14 January 2019, 01:46

Everyone is so fearful of Orwell's 1984 that it seems like the fall into the lap of Huxley's Brave new World.

I should finish reading that book, it's a pretty wild headthink.
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Re: "Black Market" in school or the first lesson of capitalism?

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 14 January 2019, 03:16

Derek wrote:Did you have a question?

Maybe if you shut up and listen for once you’ll learn something, corporate shill. :oface:

Go on, sweetie. You’re doing wonderfully.
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Re: "Black Market" in school or the first lesson of capitalism?

Unread postby DanNash » 22 December 2020, 20:37

In my opinion, this is nonsense, to be honest. I never liked school because of the way it worked. When, and If I have kids, I will not make them study hard because it makes no sense. The diploma you get for studying for years means nothing in the end... That is so sad, that a simple CCIE certificate I got with help from SPOTO helped me more in life that the diploma I gave years of my life for. We are making progress, I hope kids start having online classes more...
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