Canadian Federal Elections 2015

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Canadian Federal Elections 2015

Unread postby Muspelli » 12 August 2015, 14:14

Our federal election is coming up this Autumn, and preliminary polling suggests the three most influential parties are almost tied for who is likely to win. Ignoring my personal opinions on the matter, it's still important to vote to a point, and if you live in Canada, you probably should.

However, if you are going to vote, educate yourself on what you want to vote for. Blind voting is far more stupid (by orders of magnitude, in fact) than not voting at all. With that said, a website has been set up for you input your opinions on various issues and see who'd be a best vote for you overall.

It doesn't just include the major parties, either. Regional and lesser-known parties are included. The parties I agree with most on policy overall are the obvious Liberal Party (92%), the NDP (91%), the Green Party (86%, and they did surprisingly well in the last election, getting their first seats ever, and more than one at that), and the Communist Party (71%). Unsurprisingly, I only agree with the Conservatives on two issues overall (forced vaccination and abolishing organized party donations).

This is what one of the result pages looks like, and gives you a good idea of what to expect. It also aggregates which overall issues are most important to you, in order, but I removed that part (they're still listed from top to bottom in terms of personal importance):


As a word of advice, each question includes 'Other Stances', which you should select because it adds anywhere from one to a over a dozen options to each issue. Probably hidden to conserve space. In addition, it only shows three issues per 'theme', but clicking 'show more questions' adds the rest.

So yeah, if you're not gonna vote because you don't like the parties, check this out, and it might change your mind. If you are gonna vote, check it out anyway so you vote for the one you agree with most.

Also, not to be a cynical fuck, but just remember that this happened last time, and I can guarantee it will this time, too.
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