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Unread postby GaySpacePirateKing » 22 June 2019, 16:59

SteveIsNotMe wrote:If such catastrophe were to happen within the next 100 years

Global average temperatures are on course to rise 3-4 degrees C by 2100, but it doesn't mean that by 2100 we will immediately jump to a Pliocene like world and the catastrophes I've described earlier. They will take quite a long time to play out (I don't know how long), but they eventually will and as they do play out they will likely lead to even greater warming.

But in the meantime the climate change we experience now and up to 2100 will be difficult enough to deal with, eventually causing millions of people to flee from areas that are too hot to live in and of drought and food insecurity. Its going to and probably already is causing global political, social and economic turmoil that is and will be very difficult for governments to deal with, and it looks like the way they have chosen to 'deal' with it is with brutality in the form of walls, concentration camps and deportations. The other issue here (the main issue really) is that capitalism can't go on forever and is already undermining the ecology it and we rely on thus causing all these issues.

So as for the collapse of human civilisation. I think civilisation as we know it will collapse into a brutal fascist world (and then we will be on our way to eventual extinction) or we overthrow all the power structures and rebuild society on a more democratic, socialist and local scale.
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