Family Arguments Over Christmas

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Re: Family Arguments Over Christmas

Unread postby Derek » 29 December 2020, 04:46

acpro wrote:Derek, tell your mom Trump is a RINO. I'm sure she knows he was a democrat for a decent portion of his life--especially as an influencer.

Yeah, that'll shake her.
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Re: Family Arguments Over Christmas

Unread postby Sullivan » 31 December 2020, 05:48

My dad owns gym franchises and has always been rightwing, so I had some tense phone calls with him last spring during the first wave of economic shutdowns, when he tried a combination of blaming covid on China and saying it wasn't any worse than the flu. Then one day he just texted me a bunch of links mostly to obviously fake news stories on Facebook. I responded as politely as I could that I didn't want to waste my time engaging with bullshit and suggested he take my lead, and he hasn't steered a conversation in a political direction since then, which makes me feel a bit guilty somehow but also impressed by his restraint.

I dunno, Trump/covid has definitely strained our relationship, but I think after many years of being unsolicitedly assertive about his politics my dad's realized it's better to not discuss it. I guess I appreciate that, since I know he'll never change my opinions, and when I try to believe that I could change his opinions I just end up feeling arrogant. At the very least, apolitical conversation has made my visit home for Christmas (the first time I've left Chicago since the pandemic) more tolerable than expected.
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Re: Family Arguments Over Christmas

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 31 December 2020, 06:46

Sullivan wrote:My dad owns gym franchises

It’s like, “We get it, you’re straight.” :rolleyes:

Sullivan wrote:since I know he'll never change my opinions

Why can’t you accept the very real possibility that Hillary could be running a sex ring out the basement of a pizza parlor? You should learn to be a bit more open-minded like a Trump supporter.
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Re: Family Arguments Over Christmas

Unread postby Aladdin » 2 January 2021, 21:37


I have better things to do than argue over Christmas. Like laugh at people who argue over Christmas hahaha.
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Re: Family Arguments Over Christmas

Unread postby GaySpacePirateKing » 25 January 2021, 17:19

Heard the worse criticism of BLM, they don't disagree with it or anything its simply "gone on for too long" and "gotten a bit out of hand" .

I just roll my eyes now. Like did the civil rights movement go on for too long.
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Re: Family Arguments Over Christmas

Unread postby Raynethemagi » 4 March 2021, 13:25

So, if you've been following what I've been typing about my relationship with my own Father (not that any of you would want to read a novel lol), but my relationship with my Father has been nothing but rocky. We agree on just about anything, but when it comes to religion we disagree completely.

I've tried not talking about religion with my Father around, and we seem to get along, but I'm still in the process of forgiving him for physically abusing me. There's a huge part of me that wants to forgive him. There's a part of me that wishes this stupid barrier for him and I to have a relationship would just go away. But, forgiveness is a process, and while I told him I forgive him, I think I haven't really done that.

I want a good relationship with my Father, but, there were things that he has said to me that hurt me deeply. One of them being that if I was to ever find a boyfriend/husband, that he's not to set foot in my Dad's house. I'm having a real hard time with that, cause this isn't what I wanted at all. I wanted to be able to bring over my boyfriend/husband, but because I'm trying to love my Dad, I'll respect his wishes. But, I'm not going to chose him over my better half, and vice-versa. I will come over if he needs help with his yard or whatever, but when it comes to holidays, I'm afraid I won't be joining the rest of my family at his house.

He has a right to have an opinion. If he doesn't like how I live my life, that's his own opinion. But, I'm 31 years old, I'm not a teen anymore, I'm a full-grown adult. And therefore, I'm allowed to make my own decisions. It's just heartbreaking it has to be this way, because in all honesty, I NEVER WANTED THIS! I never wanted this barrier to even exist between my Father and I.

I just hope that things will change before he dies. I don't want to be one of those kids who doesn't have a good memory before their parents passed away. There's plenty of people who've gone through that, and I don't want that. But, at the same time, I'm not going to go back to being a Roman Catholic just to please my parents. This is the life that has made me the happiest to live, and I can't support that religion anymore. There's too much pain and hurt to go back to if I was to become a Catholic again.

So....yeah....this sucks.
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